Ideal Cafes for Outdoor Sightseeing in Hanoi

Cosa Nostra

Located in Tong Dan Street, the cafés is a favorite address of young people by its open space and beautiful views. This place enchants tourists with European corners in the heart of Hanoi.
The cafés is luxurious, spacious overlooking green flower gardens. It is located on the side of the Opera House and its vision is not blocked by any tall buildings.

Space here is very quiet and relaxing so you can chat with family or friends. Each corner is decorated very carefully and creatively with classic white walls, lightly yellow lights and pretty ornaments.
You can choose to sit at the corner of the window, overlooking the crossroad to watch life outside. In the evening, you will see the romantic atmosphere of the glittering candlelit. It is interesting that after your visit, feel the excitement of activities around Hoan Kiem Lake, you could find a quiet space.

Cong Trang Tien

Located on Trang Tien Street – one of the most expensive places in Hanoi, the cafés features an ancient space and breath. It is an attractive spot of youth looking for an old space.

The shop is located on the second floor, one side overlooks Hoan Kiem Lake, and another side overlooks the Opera House. This is an ideal place to relax, feel the poetic and vibrant Hanoi just a few steps away from the coffee shop.

Tang Tret Cosmo

Located on the quiet street of Khuc Hao, this coffee shop was once an old French villa with a cool outdoor space, under big trees. If you are a drinking connoisseur in Hanoi, this is not a strange place but only being renamed.

The shop is quite attractive thanks to the bright yellow with a small courtyard and a couple of simple but elegant tables and chairs. The space inside is quite quiet with interesting sitting corners. You can go up the balcony of the second floor to enjoy an open space. There are also teas, cakes, food for lunch ... However, visitors mainly want to enjoy space rather than enjoy foods.

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The interesting floating market in Southeast Asia

Mekong River is one of the largest rivers and is ranked as the twenties river of the world. The river flows in six countries from the Tibetan highland to China and then flowing toward the ocean through Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. This river is not only a source of life but also an excellent pathway to travel between communities. This river is a transportation source for moving to places. So, definitely, this river plays a crucial role in the development as well as has a great impact on the communities. This river as well holds an amazing floating market flowing through its length. This river is the place where you can see how people took the river into their lives and livelihoods. People around there, row their boats, take their vessels made of wood to passerby and sell their goods. The boats with the goods keep floating and doing business! Cai Be, Damnoen Saduk and Cai Rang are the top most floating markets. Moreover, a lot of floating markets are located in the delta of Mekong River. This area will definitely give you the joy of shopping and seeing the floating market. So, to help you here, we will be covering now the information about the floating markets of not only the Mekong River as well as other floating markets in Southeast Asia. The river along with its floating market has now become one of the major tourist attractions. Tourists visit these places to have a new experience and they also keep coming whenever they visit places near the markets. This river thus plays an important role in the financial development of the communities too. The tourists as well get a lot of joy visiting the floating markets.

The interesting floating market in Southeast Asia

Cai Be floating market

The interesting floating market in Southeast Asia

This floating market is in Vietnam. It is good to visit this place if you want to know the shopping habit of Mekong Delta. Morning is always good as a time to discover its flamboyance. This is the time when you will find many local vendors busy in doing business in their inherent style. Cai Be is yet to lose its tradition and it is yet to be the busiest place for the tourists. Fruits and all vegetables of this place are fresh. You can find wooden boats and awesome exotic displays along the horizon. In brief, it is more than worth to booking a Mekong delta tour 2 days.

Cai Rang floating market

The interesting floating market in Southeast Asia
This is also in Mekong Delta of Vietnam and is considered as one of the best floating markets for the travelers across the world. People sell numbers of things over there what you can buy! There are river boats to hang around. Seasonal goods are popular in this area such as fruits and different kind of vegetables. You can find many kinds of fish here too. This place is very colorful and it has many impressive views. Considering numbers of aspects it can be chosen as a worthy place to visit.

Damnoen Saduak floating market

The interesting floating market in Southeast Asia

It is outside of Bangkok and considered as another popular floating market. Thai travelers visit this place most. Plenty of boats are there. You can find many fruits and nice flowers. It is possible to get many local souvenirs too. You will always be accompanied by the cacophony of the buyers and sellers here. This place is simply electric especially at the morning time. Everything you can feel fresh at that time. Try to stay at this place couple of days and discover its inherent beauty.

Mekong River & beyond

Yes, within this article you can only find three popular places to visit around Mekong River. But despite those three places, there are numbers of other places to visit too. For an example, we can mention the name of Chau Doc which is a floating market situated at the border of Cambodia. This is another jubilant and vibrant place. You cannot resist you to visit this place because of its motley. Plenty of local products are being sold here for years. There are numbers of boats strung altogether. Wake up early and discover the life of this region. Another name is Siem Reap. This is not just a floating market as you can see many floating villages here too. It is in the border line of Vietnam & Cambodia. There are beautiful lakes, nice houses, fishermen, small schools and many other things to watch. The memory of this place will persist for long in your mind. Lastly, it would be irrational to skip mentioning the name of Inle Lake. It is in Burma where you can get numbers of handmade things that includes carving, tools, cheroots, textiles and ornaments. There are five distinctive places where you can get floating boats at this place. These are Shwenyaung, Heho, Taunggyi, Minethauk & Nyaungshwe. This place is great for the landscapes. You can cherish the memory of its beauty for long.

7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand

Great temples with national treasures. Night streets with hustle and bustle. Markets with a variety of goods. Bangkok will make you get lost if this is the first time you have set foot on here. So if you want to know where to visit in this city, look at 7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok I will show you below.

Grand Palace

The top tourist spot of Bangkok could be nowhere else but Grand Palace. Inside the campus of the palace is the complex of gold-plated temples.
7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand
The overview of Grand Palace - The number one tourist spot in Bangkok
The most impressive structure is The Temple of Emerald Buddha where Emerald Buddha is placed. This Buddha statue is capable of glowing at night - one of the most valuable museum pieces of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thais believe that this ancient Buddha always brings them a prosperous and happy life. Besides the Buddha, there are some stupas where King's ashes are kept along with a lot of priceless treasures.

Wat Pho

Located right next to Grand Palace, Wat Pho is also one of the most famous temples in the capital city of Thailand. Well-known for the gold-plated reclining Buddha with the length of 46m, the height of 15m, it is regarded as the biggest and most ancient temple in Bangkok. This temple was built nearly 200 years ago (before Bangkok became the capital city).

7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand
The gold-plated reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok
Besides, you can easily come across the image of gold Buddha statues in various shapes, ancient pictures showing traditional massage techniques of Thailand...

Khao San Road

This Western Town is bustling and vibrant, being an appealing destination for youngsters. Backpackers around the world flock here to be happy with beer, new friends, music and street food in Bangkok. The concept of time seems not to exist in this area.

7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand
Khao San Road is always bustling
Outdoor shops have a lot of items like T-shirt, shoes, glasses, crafts with the reasonable price. Khao San is the most crowded in the early morning and at night. Interesting experiences you should try are drinking beer, dancing to music and having foot massage in the street.

Pak Klong Talad

Unlike noisy night markets selling food or souvenirs, Pak Klong Talad is a special market area specializing in fresh flower. It is situated in Chak Phet Street, near Saphan Phut (Memorial Bridge) in Bangkok. Dubbed the largest flower market in this city, Pak Klong Talad is really a must-see place for those who love fresh flower and bonsai. Coming here, you can find a variety of flowers: rose, lily, orchid, gerbera, tulip,...

7 most attractive destinations in Bangkok, Thailand
Pak Klong Talad is similar to a paradise of flowers
I'm sure that all people who have the chance to come here feel comfortable and relaxed with stalls of colorful flowers.

Chatuchak weekend market

Bangkok is renowned for not only luxury shopping malls but also paradises to buying good quality items with low price. Chatuchak is one of such areas. You can seek all types of goods in Chatuchak from clothes, food, and furniture to cosmetics... It is said to be the world's largest weekend market.

Chatuchak - The world's largest weekend market
In tourists' eyes, it is like a labyrinth in which they can get lost anytime if they become careless. If you like something in here, pay money to have it immediately. Why? Because it's difficult to find out the way to return once you go.

Chao Phraya River

The brilliant beauty of Chao Phraya River
Originated from the Mekong, Chao Phraya River flows through the west of Bangkok, dividing into some branches surrounding the city. Interlacing canal system creates a poetic landscape for Bangkok. That explains why it is dubbed “Venice of the East”.Coming here, visitors will have a chance to admire the gorgeous beauty of rivers, ancient pagodas, King’s castle and schools of fish.

Wat Arun

Lying on the bank of Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is a destination that you shouldn't miss in Bangkok. One of the most outstanding features of the temple is the reflection of first light in the morning with pearly iridescence.
The magnificence of Wat Run at night - The symbol of Thai tourism
Visitors can find it easy to realize that Wat Arun is the most magnificent temple in Bangkok due to its different architecture compared to other temples. This most ancient temple of Bangkok is also known as the symbol of Thailand tourism.

Above destinations are famous landmarks in Bangkok which attract both Thais and international tourists. Don't forget to visit all of them if you have enough time. Enjoy your trip with such beautiful places!

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Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau

When the mist gradually, Pom Coong village appears with its inherent rustic beauty, the voice of young children calling each other to go to school, women carrying baskets on their shoulder to start the daily work ... Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau

At night, the village is in a boisterous brouhaha of the rattle of wearer’s shuttle, of drums, happy Khèn dance and clear singing begun from the lovely stilt houses.
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
The peacefulness of Pom Coong
All of these beauty make local people love their village more, everyone, every family is willing to contribute to make the village more prosperous. It is also why Pom Coong has been known as a cultural village, a tourist village, an attractive destination for tourists from everywhere.

Pom Coong means the village of the hills located on the large drum, that is, the fields, a name with symbolic meanings. Traditionally, people in Pom Coong build and live in the nice stilt houses. The houses are in close proximity to one another, and are only separated by a bed of vegetables or thin fence, sitting at the door, people can chat, have fun with each other.

Unlike the stilt houses of other peoples, the houses of Thai ethnic are often taller, built on a high and dry place; therefore, they always create the feeling of clean and airy. The gap between the floor and the ground is around 2m, and is propped up by reliable wooden pillars. The floor is made of bamboo while the roofs are covered by straw, thatch, rattan leaves or ungraded by bricks. The window in the house has good size for cool breezes and is where the host hang the pots of orchids, forest flowers, the bird cages.
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Traditional stilt houses in Pom Coong village
Under the floor, Thai girls forget themshelves in the loom, create the unique brocade products attracting tourists. Souvenir products are colorful brocade, bags, clothes old at the foot of the floor, this makes houses on stilts in Pom Coong more outstanding.

Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Thai ethnic girls forget themselves in work
As a small village but Pom Coong has 4 male and female volleyball teams, two dancing and singing teams who regularly practice to exchange and t perform serving tourists. Visitors who once come to Pom Coong can hardly forget the fun music from Sạp dance( bamboo pole dance), xòe dance of the boys, girls of Thai ethnic which have enchanted many people. Particularly, people here are hospitable, they never force or invite visitors to buy souvenir with insistent. This is also the charm of Pom Coong.

The attraction of tourism Pom Coong is the very clean "pure Thai"space. Clean water, water, sanitation works are regulated to give visitors the feeling of fresh and safe. Water used is mainly tap water. Waste is classified, out in containers and will be processed. Village roads, alleys are always clean, there is never the matter of littering ..
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Pom Coong fields
Visitors coming the Pom Coong are mostly foreigners, students who are passionate about learning about the culture of the ethnic minorities. They come here for a better understanding of life, of ethnic Thai people, they are immersed in the life of the Thai people and really enjoy xòe dances, gong festivals, sleeping in stilt houses, drinking wine, walking to see the mountains, and the local the people...
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Pom Coong Foods
Pom Coong tourism is becoming more and more attractive and familiar with tourists. In tune with the magical xòe dance and captivated wine, visitors are ecstatic with dancing, singing, and sitting by the flickering fire in the cold weather, enjoying the specialties of Mai Chau heaven and earth, as barbecue, rice, vegetables, seven color sticky rice, banana flower salad. Those are the moments that visitors can not forget about Coong Pom, forget the Thai in Mai Chau.

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Top Beautiful Places to See Dalat from Above

Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Mountain

Phoenix Mountain, 5 km from city center, is one of many popular tourist attractions in Dalat. From Phoenix Mountain, visitors can admire the peaceful, dreaming nature painting here with Truc Lam pagoda nestled peacefully in the green side of Tuyen Lam Lake, watch the young green pines trees and grass and dark green old pine tree clusters, small huts of the gardeners scattered on the terrace in distance, Voi mountain.... All of them create a romantic and peaceful painting of the nature, and make visitors coming here be fascinated and captivated.

Standing on Phoenix Mount, visitors can see the panorama of Tuyen Lam lake
Domaine De Marie Church

Located on Mai Anh windy hill, about 1 km from the central of Dalat city, Domaine De Marie Church is not only famous for the design of unique architecture, but also is an attractive destination for travellers to discover the beauty of Dalat from above as it offers a very clear vision, people can observe the entire city.
Top Beautiful Places to See Dalat from Above
Domaine De Marie Church in Mai Anh windy hill
The pink painted walls maintained over time, along with the roof system shaped like the hollow of Highlands ethnic has created the uniqueness for the church. Visitors can feel gentle, warm when seeing kinds of lush green trees and flowers blooming on campus.

Mong Mo hill

Located next to the Valley of Love, with a total area of nearly 12 ha, despite not being as high as Phoenix Mountain or Langbiang mountain, Mong Mo Hill is one of the ideal tourist destination for visitors to admire the entire poetic beauty of Dalat city.

Known as a Dalat in miniature, Mong Mo Hill is filled with flower’s color, with a ingenious and harmonious combination between natural masterpieces and buildings bearing the features of Vietnamese culture. Coming to Mong Mo Hill, visitors will indulge in the beautiful space with soft curving stretch of road embraced by colorful flower beds.

From the top of Mong Mo hill, the entire landscape of the rose garden blooming beside the white mulberry terraced- fields, and rolling green mountains shaped like a girl who is lying on her side with plump breasts full of energy will be captured in the eyes of all visitors.

The 4th Floor of Pedagogical College of Dalat

Pedagogical College of Dalat has long become an ideal destination because of its unique architecture. Seen from a distance, the school is like a small tower in an arc with the pink orange ancient bell tower bringing warmth to the chilly plateau land.
Pedagogical College of Dalat, an ideal destination with a unique architecture
Not only attracting visitors by architecture, the 4th floor of the building is a location which has a spectacular view. From here, visitors can watch tranquil, peaceful Xuan Huong Lake, and enjoy the pine hills stretching endlessly.

Pinhatt Mountain

Known as the highest mountain in the southern city of Dalat, Pinhatt peak is still quite wild and does not has many services as they are in Langbiang; therefore, if you want to conquer, it would be quite difficult.
The panorama of Tuyen Lam lake and Dalat city seen from Pinhatt mountain
However, once the visitors reach the top of Pinhatt, you will be immersed in enjoying the fresh cool air , can cover, see wholly the immense beauty of Tuyen Lam lake, small birds moving on the water, the city of Dalat in the distance…. If you take the time to get up early and catch the sunrise sunlight from the summit, it must be a wonderful experience for those who love photography.

Top Beautiful Places to See Dalat from Above

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Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake

Sailing in Tri An Lake when the sun has not waken up and seeing people fishing are experiences full of interest that you can hardly forget when visiting Tri An lake.

Tri An Lake is located on Dong Nai river, and about 30km from Bien Hoa City to the direction of Highway 24. Like other artificial lakes in Vietnam, Tri An lake was formed during damming up to stop the flows to build hydroelectric plant (in 1984). With a surface area of 323 km2, Tri An lake is considered the largest lake, among both natural or artificial lakes, in Vietnam, leads the well-known lakes such as T'nung, Thac Ba, Hoa Binh ...
Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake
The picturesque beauty of Tri An lake
The lake is vast and there are about 40 small islands in the lake; therefore, Tri An lake has long become an attractive picnic destinations for tourists in the province as well as in neighboring areas. Coming to Tri An, the most wonderful experience is to float on the lake when the sun has not risen or at dusk to feel the immense, romantic, poetic landscape of Tri An, at that time, all the fatigue, stress of everyday life will be drifted along the water in the lake.

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What is more, the lives of the fishermen on the lake is also a very interesting thing for visitors to experience. The most wonderful way is to get into a boat and row around the beautiful islands here like O Island, Dong Truong Island, Robinson island …

Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake
The sunset over Tri An lake
However, the most interesting experience is to sleep overnight on a boat on the lake, float on the waves under moon light in the cool of the night wind. Then when the sun has not shone yet, you will experience the feeling of the fisherman on the lake, catch anchovies, trawl and catch shrimp, catch hemibagrus ...
Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake
Simple live of people on Tri An lake
At dawn, each boat hastily draw up the last hauls to be in time for the morning market. This is the most beautiful and busiest moment on the lake, Phu Cuong fish market is crowded of boats full of fresh anchovies, big and fat hemibagrus, snakehead… are the great gifts that Tri An lake awards to people here. Finish your exploration, travelers do not forget to buy a few kilos of fresh fish and bring to the hotel. Here, the chef will prepare delicious dishes for you like fish salad with mango, fried fish, hot and our Hemibagrus vegetable soup...

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Besides seafood, Tri An lake has many large and small islands. Each island has a typical tree: jackfruit, cashew, mango, durian ... In particular, two adjacent islands including O and Dong Truong islands was exploited with tourism service. Land on the two islands are kinds of basalt soil which is like in Long Khanh area. From a distance, visitors can completely see the full O Island which looks like a green flying saucer. The island í covered with the green of eucalyptus trees which are in the season of changing theirs bark revealing the hairless, smooth skin. Between the trees, there are many swings available for visitors to sway in the wind, close eyes to feel the passionate smell of eucalyptus.
Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake
O Island is considered the pearl on Tri An lake
Apart from discovering Tri An lake, tourists can visit Ma Da forest. Here, visitors can learn more than 40 kinds of edible forest leaves such as Freshwater Mangrove leaves, “butterfly” leaves,... Đ war zone with resounding victories in the history of southeastern army and people against foreign aggression is also a very interesting attraction for your trip.
Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake
Ma Da forest at dusk

Being Drunk with the Beauty of Tri An Lake

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The Ideal Destinations in Dong Nai for Nature Lovers

Referring to Dong Nai, many people will think that this province is only famous for the industrial zones, but more than that, Dong Nai has many beautiful landscapes for tourists to visit and explore.

If you are a nature lover and looking for a place to enjoy a holiday with friends, the following places can bring you with funny experiences.

O Island , Dong Truong Island

O and Dong Truong are two islands located on the vast Tri An lake water. Falling yourselves in line with the poetic scenery, you will have the chance to engage in exciting outdoor activities. You can self-organize the activities or use the travel services available here. Seeing the sunrise in the morning or sunset, or hanging hammocks, setting up tents, staying over night in the jungle… are the exciting experiences you should try.

O- Dong Truong island
In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the rustic dishes prepared on the spot by the locals. One dish you can not ignore is hot and sour hemibagrus vegetable soup and caramel hemibagrus. After enjoying the local cuisine, you can hang a hammock under the green leaf canopy and enjoy the fresh breeze, smell the cool flavor of grass or listen to the waves crashing onto the shore.

Hot and sour hemibagrus vegetable soup- a must taste dish on O- Dong Truong islands
From Ho Chi Minh city, you ride along the Nation Highway 1 toward Dong Nai, when reaching Tri An T-junction, you drive about 9 km further to the center of Vinh An town, Vinh Cuu district. Then, you can ask the locals the way to Dong Truong wharf.

Buu Long Tourist Area

Being considered the "Ha Long Bay" in miniature, Buu Long has been known as the most beautiful mountain of Dong Nai River basin with plains, smooth green isles and a series of arrays of flooded forest.

Buu Long tourist area- the “Ha Long Bay” in miniature
Buu Long tourist area covers an area of over 84 hectares, and is located on Huynh Van Nghe road, 6 km from the center of Bien Hoa City and about 25 km from Ho Chi Minh city. This tourist attraction has two main mountain clusters including Long Son - Thac Dong mountain and Binh Dien mountain cluster. Buu Long has high mountains, vast lake, fresh air bringing travelers with the comfortable and relaxing feelings.

Camping in Buu Long tourist area
Standing on the top of Binh Dien mountain, visitors can see the vast green paddy fields and winding rivers which look like paintings. Seeing to the distance, you can see the city of Bien Hoa with crowded buildings. Interestingly, visitors can visit ancient temples preserved on these two mountain clusters. The mossy stupas or a some blocks of stone with strange shapes will leave an unforgettable impression on visitors.

You can also participate in other interesting activities such as boating, swing, duck boat, fishing. Activities like camping, night party, campfire... are also the exciting experiences.

Nam Cat Tien National Park

Nam Cat Tien national park has a charming scenery
Nam Cat Tien Nation Park is a nature reserve located on the territory of three provinces including Dong Nai, Lam Dong and Binh Phuoc, 150 km from Ho Chi Minh city to the north. Here, you will get a chance to test the endurance and bravery of yourselves while crossing the dense forests. Leisurely walking or riding bicycles on the trails in the woods are the interesting activities you should try.

Floating on Bau Sau lake
One destination that can not be missed in the journey exploring Nam Cat Tien national park is Bau Sau lake. The bewitching dances of the peacocks, birds twittering and the majestic jungle scene will make you overwhelmed.

Cat Tien national park has many rare animals
Ba Chong Stone (Three- Floor Stone)

Ba Chong stone in Dinh Quan, Dong Nai
Ba Chong stone landmark is located on the heart of Dinh Quan district, right on the way to Dalat. There are 3 stones overlapping one another, and have a height of 36m. Among the three stones, the bottom rock is twice as big as the rest two ones, and the stone on the top juts out over the ground, and looks like to fall down at any time. With such a strange shapes, Ba Chong stone has long been a popular tourist locations attracting visitors in and outside the province to visit and take pictures.

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24h Exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island (Part 2)

Phu Quoc beach paradise has long been known as a pristine island with clean water stretching beach and calm sea suitable for tourism. The lines of green trees embellish the charming beauty of Phu Quoc which looks like an ink painting with the harmony of the sea and the woods. Especially, this is the area having the rustic and peaceful fishing villages, some even have existed for hundreds of years. In your 1 day trip to Phu Quoc, you should take time to visit them.

In the afternoon: visiting the pristine fishing village in Bai Khem (Khem beach)

From the location of Sao Beach, you can travel to Khem Beach, just about 3 km away on the same route. It should be mentioned that in the entrance to Khem beach, there is an old military guard gate which is painted yellow. Because of the narrow terrain, cars can not commune here, so you can only ride the motorbike to come here. Previously, Khem beach was located on the area managed by the military because the terrain was discreet and quiet suitable for rehearsal. Likewise, Bai Khem retains many primitive features, and has no impacts on the tourist infrastructure.

The pristine beauty of Khem beach
Khem beach appears with the image of an idyllic fishing village, with no slopes, with the island is small in the distance looming in the sea, and with very poetic, lyrical white sand color. Khem Beach is also known as Kem (Ice Cream) beach because the white color of the sand looks like the cream. The restaurants are run by local people with the simple hammocks, tables and chairs which are not decent and clean, but in return, tourists coming here will have chance to enjoy the fresh seafood caught by fishermen and satisfy both the gourmets and those who like to experience the rustic things.

A part of the fishing village with the simple restaurants along the coast
Herring is a famous specialty here. The fish is delicious, and can be cooked to many dishes according to the taste of each person as: grilled, fried, braised with chili and lemongrass... But perhaps the dish that is the most special and everyone like the best is herring salad which costs VND 80,000/ dish. You just Squeeze a little lemon juice, mix with scraped coconut, sprinkle the slices of fresh herring with roasted peanuts, eat the salad with raw vegetables, rice paper, sauce. The spices blend to create aromatic, delicious taste, you will not feel the fishy taste of fish but the freshness, and taste of the sea.

Herring salad is a specialty in Khem beach
For a long time, people on the island have had a strong attachment to water. The normal scene seen in Kem beach the daily life of the fishermen. From dawn to dusk, the motor boats, ships boats push off to the sea to catch fish, shrimp, crab... following one another. You can buy the sea urchins, mantis shrimp from the fishing nets and chat with the fishermen. The calloused tanned faces show worries but the fishermen are incredibly friendly and hospitable that will make you remember forever about this simple land.

The hard working fishermen in Khem beach
All services on Khem beach are considered to be very affordable. Khem Beach also provides the fishing, kayaking services which are very cheap. With fishing in Gieng Tien (Fairy Well) and diving to see the coral for VND 400,000 for 4 people services, you will be provided with tools for fishing and charcoal to grill food. You should buy more drinks, shrimp, crab to improve meals on board. With rowing kayak game, the rental cost of kayak for 2 people in 30 minutes is 40,000 VND, and 30,000 VND for 1 person in 30 minutes.

Diving and seeing the coral reefs
Phu Quoc is beautiful in every season making it suitable to welcome guests all year round. Make a time to look and feel!

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The Must Taste Specialties in Nha Trang

1. Banh Can (Can Cake)

The idyllic, rustic cake of Nha Trang makes anyone to be lavish with the special delicious taste. The cake is made from rice flour, put in cake molds and baked with many fillings like quail eggs, squids... The pleasure of tasting this dish is also in waiting feeling because Can cake is only baked when the customers order. Do not forget to dip the cakes in sauce with oil and fried onion – the unique typical flavor that creates the brand.

Can Cake with seafood filling
Addresses for reference: the crossroad of Tran Quy Cap Street, 2-4 (2nd April) street, 38 Ly Thanh Ton, 151 Hoang Van Thu, 51 To Hien Thanh, at 18 and 1009 2-4 road (the restaurants only serve Can cakes in the evenings ).

2. Banh Canh (Canh cake)

Canh cake is bigger than noodles, but it is very soft and easy to eat. A bowl of Banh Canh is more attractive when adding a soft, sweet, fragrant and boneless portion of mackerel. Apart from mackerel, many places in Nha Trang also sell Banh Canh with fried fish (grilled chopped fish), fish stomach, pig’s feet pork..., which makes this dish become more diverse and better.

Banh Canh with fried fish in Nha Trang
Some delicious restaurants where you can enjoy Banh Canh: Mrs. Thua Banh Canh restaurant at 55 Yersin, Phuc restaurant at 53 Van Don, Ms. Ha restaurant at 14 Phan Chu Trinh, Mrs. Loc restaurant at 30 Phan Chu Trinh, Tran Thi Tinh, restaurant at 42 Phan Dinh Phung.

3. Types of noodle

Guests can not but be impressed by the noodle served in sidewalk stalls or inside the restaurants. Nha Trang noodle has a tasty taste imbued with identity of the seaside. Bun rieu (noodles with Fresh-water crab soup) is a blend of traditional taste of Hanoi with sea flavor, or snail noodles with special characteristic flavor of the city.
Fish Noodles in Nha Trang are simmered with meat of sailfish and mackerel, and has a gently sweet flavor. The fish meat may be mackerel, red fish milled and rounded, or eaten with fried fish.

Addresses for reference: Ninh Hoa noodle restaurant on 2 Lan Ong, Cay Bang Ninh Hoa in Han Thuyen noodle at No.6 Han Thuyen Street, Duc fish noodle in B8 Phan Boi Chau, 87 Yersin, 23A Yet Kieu.

Nha Trang beef noodle and shrimp sauce smells delicious. Beef is also taken from cows’ muscle with lots of tendon. Visitors will certainly be impressed by the crunchy taste while enjoying this dish. Many places in Nha Trang also add more boiled beef blood, and add the pork to improve the taste the noodles. Beef noodle is served with a basket of vegetables.

Addresses: 57 Le Thanh Phuong, Nam Giao beef noodle at 7Thong Nhat, 15B Hoang Hoa Tham, 63 To Hien Thanh, Kim Vui beef noodle at 15 Le Thanh Ton ...

Jellyfish noodle is not a to miss dish with the main ingredient is the jellyfish. Based on the experience of local people, time to eat the most delicious jellyfish in early summer. This dish is served with fried fish... Guests can enjoy jellyfish noodles in Loan Nguyen restaurant on Ngo Gia Tu Street, 87 Yersin, Year Beo restaurant in Phan Boi Chau.

Jellyfish noodle
4. Grilled chicken feet

This is a familiar sidewalk dish which are preferred by the young or the carouser. Chicken feet are soaked with delicious spices and have greasy taste. In Nha Trang, when eating grilled chicken feet, people also eat cucumber, tomato, and spices like lemon or chili pepper. Added to this, roasted chicken hearts, grilled chicken wings, grilled quail eggs ... served in the restaurants are also very delicious and satisfy the visitors.

Grilled chicken feet
Some addresses for reference: A Minh Restaurant at 46 Le Thanh Ton , at the beginning of Tran Van On street, Phan Chu Trinh street.

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 The Must Taste Specialties in Nha Trang

Dau Pagoda, Bac Ninh- the Oldest Pagoda in Vietnam

As one of the oldest temples in Vietnam, Dau Pagoda is located in Thanh Khuong Commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Not only does Dau pagoda offer a wealth of historical, architecture, sculpture value, but it also is the origin of Buddhism. This is one of the typical religious relics, attracts many domestic and international tourists to pilgrimage, to learn about the historical values.


The front view of Dau pagoda, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh
About 30km from Hanoi, Dau pagoda is now in Thanh Khuong village, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. Tourists go along Highway 5, to Phu Thi, you turn to Highway 182 about 12 km to Dau pagoda. Coming here, we are certainly surprised at the lyrical, poetic land, at the quiet, peaceful countryside space, and hospitable people. Dau Pagoda is ancient, mossy, is hidden behind the foliages and the bushes creating in the hearts of people calm feeling, real but dreamlike with many myths of the ancient Dau region, Kinh Bac.


Dau Pagoda, also known as Dien Ung, Phap Van and Co Chau is located on the heart of one of the typical and richest the historical and cultural relics of Kinh Bac land. It is the capital of Giao Chi (Giao Chau), the center of politics, economy, culture, the oldest Buddhist center of our country, including the Luy Lau ancient citadel, Temple and Tomb of Sy Nhiep, a system temples, shrines, palaces, upper rooms, yards, pottery, busy street markets of Luy Lau metropolitan,... is evidence of a long period of tens of centuries before and after Christ .

The construction of the temple was started in 187 and completed in 226. The historical documents, the material remaining in the tank, especially the inscriptions "Cổ Châu Pháp vân Phật bản hạnh " dating back to 1752 and result of the researches about Vietnam Buddhist history of the historians asserted that "Dau pagoda is ancestry of Buddhism in Vietnam", was ranked the historic site by the state on 28th April, 1962.

In 1913, the temple was rebuilt and renovated several times in the next centuries. In Tran dynasty, King Tran Nhan Tong sent Scholar Mac Dinh Chi to redesign Dau pagoda so that it became "hundred compartments temple, nine-floor tower, nine- span bridge". Through the ups and downs of the history and being destroyed by the wars, but Dau pagoda with high brick tower, ancient and palatial worship spaces have been there.

The Bodhisattva Buddha statue in Dau pagoda
Dau pagoda festival (4th April in lunar calendar annually)

This festival is considered the oldest festival that has still existed to this day. History has it that the King often came here and took part in the festival, worship the Buddhists, prayed for rain, even Phap Van (Cloud Godness) statue worshipped in Dau pagoda was repeatedly taken to Thang Long capital to pray for rain. The festival is celebrated with solemn and formal ceremonies following the tradition to commemorate the day Godness Man Nuong gave birth to her daughter. The festival has many ritual activities and many, attractive folks attracting tourists, believers, monks, nuns, Buddhists from everywhere to worship and pilgrimage.

Godness Man Nuong worshipped in Dau pagoda

The most important meaning of Dau pagoda festival is to pray for good weather- the centuries- old desire of agricultural residents, a major Buddhist festival of the Northern plains and midlands. Over thousands of years, the "ritual" of the festival has been somewhat lost; however, we still feel the traditional beauty, traditional cultural values reflecting diverse religious life, creativity of the ancients, which have been preserved to this day.

Dau Pagoda, Bac Ninh- the Oldest Pagoda in Vietnam

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