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How to Dress in Temple, Myanmar?

Thanks to its magical beauty, Myanmar attracts many visitors to visit the temples. However, there are some notes about selecting clothes when entering temples in Myanmar, which might be useful for visitors. Our Myanmar travel experience will be shared to you about this to help you enjoy your trip to Myanmar.

You should remove shoes, sandals and socks when visiting temples and areas where shoes are not allowed. You should follow the instructions of your local guides to know where to start removing your shoes. It is the first attention about clothes when entering the temples in Myanmar. Some temples allow visitors to bring footwear into the temple grounds but don’t allow to bring it into the temple. Most of the pagodas require visitors to remove sandals from the gate.

You should also remove sandals outside the home when visiting Myanmar people, but socks  are allowed to wear.

Therefore, you should wear sandals that are easy to remove and bring in, carry wet paper to clean feet before wearing footwear again. Burmese usually wear flip-flops, slippers or sandals because of that.

- When you give money, gifts or anything else to others, you should use your right hand or with both hands to show politeness.

- Some places in temples, or temple areas, especially solemn and sacred areas, women are not allowed to enter. You should check with your local guide to be sure you are in the right position. Women should not sit on top of a car or roof, roof of the boat, etc., meaning sitting above someone else's head. Women are also not allowed to touch, or shake monks’ hands in any form. If you unfortunately touch them, please apologize and the other monk will surely feel guilty when touched. In Myanmar, only men can be monks.

- If you wear traditional costumes of Myanmar, you should dress appropriately.

You must wear long pants over the knee and shirt when visiting the temples of Myanmar.

Costumes at the temples in Myanmar:

Clothes are lightweight, less ironing, can be wore long: the best is jeans and T-shirts or cool cotton clothing. Please bring along over-the-knee pants and polite tops to visit the temple.

Shoes: lightweight, easy to remove to bring on the tour because you have to take off shoes when going to the temple.

Umbrella, hat

Lightweight raincoats.

Golden Rock Outfit:

Light jacket

Lightweight sweater with high neck


Warm pyjama

Socks (at night)

Medium and lightweight backpack: For 2 days-1night to Golden Rock, the rest of the costume should be stored at the foot of the mountain on your car, or stored at your hotel.

Personal snacks when it’s cold.

Sunscreen, anti-mosquito cream

Individual medicine: medicines for stomachache, flu, oil and medicines for your disease, if any. Myanmar is an underdeveloped country so all medicines are imported.

Burmese Tofu Noodles - Unique Food You Should Try

Travelling to Myanmar, enjoying Burmese cuisine, you will have chance to try a great dish which is tofu noodles, sounds familiar to the people of Vietnam but it must be tasted to have a comment on it.

In recent years, the country is located in the northwestern Indian Peninsula - Myanmar has been called the "rising star" of the Asian tourism. Not only people, culture, landscapes but even food of this Southeast Asia is also attractive to a lot of people.

Although Myanmar cuisine is quite similar to India, China, Thailand and the culinary cultures of many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has its own features.

Tofu noodle or Shan tofu noodle is one of the most delicious dishes in Myanmar, which is not really made of tofu but a porridge made with green peas, covered with a layer of noodles fiber, eaten with chicken or pork seasoned with green vegetables and peppers. Although this combination seems strange to many people, the taste will make you enjoy this dish.

When you enjoy this Burmese tofu noodles, you will feel a little something familiar, a bit strange, all mix together to create an unforgettable taste. Wish you and your family a happy meal when you arrive here.

Top 5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes In Saigon

1. Salty sticky rice

Saigon has hundreds of salty sticky rice stalls with all sorts from the vendor, sidewalk shop to the restaurant. They sell sticky rice in the  morning, evening and the common thing is they offer extremely rich choices such as chicken sticky rice, sausage, quail eggs, cauliflower, pate, minced pork, rolls...

Sai Gon salty sticky rice make people crave from the way of setting up with the eye-catching stalls with full and deliciously decorated food. Especially salty sticky rice often includes onions and sauces that make each grain is more attractive and delicious.

Some of the famous sticky rice restaurants in Saigon are Ba Chieu market chicken sticky rice, Tam Cau sticky rice…. An average of serving is just about 10.000 VND. Sticky rice is everywhere in Vietnam, but if you visit Saigon, why not try the salty sticky rice to experience the special dish of this city?

2. Bread

There is bread sold in any region, any province in Vietnam. However, in each locality, bread has its own variation in ingredients, making a difference to the food which is very familiar. Saigon is one of the most unique and fascinating bread variations, so it is definitely something you should try here.

The most popular bread in Saigon is sandwiches with all kinds of pates, sausages, , hams ... A quality loaf of bread like Huynh Hoa's famous restaurant can even reach to 50.000 VND (2.2 USD), but it well worth the money with quality bread and delicious fillings.

In addition, the bread also has a variety of variations such as barbecue bread, rolls bread, phá lấu bread, dried beef bread.... On average a tasty bread is only 15.000 to 20.000 VND. So why not put bread on your bucket list of things to eat in Saigon?

3. Mixed rice paper

It is often said that Saigon is a place where people from all over the country come to do business, so Saigon has no "specialties" because it has been mixed up. This can be right and can be wrong. Some of the "Saigon delicacies" are now imported from other provinces, but in this prosperous city, they are painted, transformed, into the only dish that can not be found anywhere except in Saigon.

The mixed rice paper originates from shrimp rice paper in Tay Ninh province. But when it came to Saigon, the rice cake was changed a lot – adding dry beef, herb, sour mango ... and has become an authentic Saigon specialty since about 8 to 9 years. Now a pack of "standard" mixed rice paper in Saigon has no less than 10 ingredients. This can be found at every gate of the school, park ... from 10. 000 VND to 20.000 VND

4. Noodles (Hủ tiếu)

Noodle soup is popular dish of many Saigon people. The Saigon noodle soup is very varied, the most popular and the most famous brand is the hủ tiếu gõ (knocking noodle). And there are so many other types of noodles that you can chose from: beef noodle, Nam Vang noodle or fresh squid noodles.

The noodle soup is also a “anytime” dish – it means you can have it for breakfast or dinner, supper. Whether it's a bowl of noodles in the restaurant or a pavement on the sidewalk, there's something for everyone. The noodles are soft, long, sweet flavor, making you remember forever about this dish.

5. Egg sweet soup

Chicken egg sweet soup is a very famous dish of the Chinese. The sweet soup sounds strange and even if you have not eaten, you might assume that it will be fishy. However, that is a prejudice that you have to destroy by enjoying it directly.

Actually, anyone who tries it once would not forget the taste, even “addicted”, craving for the taste of egg, which is well cooked with black tea. The taste of the tea penetrates into the eggs, giving it a sweet scent.

You must very calm and slowly eat the egg sweet soup to fully feel the taste of "tea" in the "egg". The black tea cooked with egg and palm sugar is just sweet and a little bit bitter. Put some ice and you will have a delicious dish. The Chinese have many famous sweet soups, but this one is the most outstanding and worth trying.

Top 6 Interesting Places to Visit in Phu Tho

Pilgrimaging to the Father land on 10th, March (lunar calendar), tourists do not only have opportunity to visit main temples, namely Thuong (Upper), Trung (Middle) and Ha (Lower) but also explore other beautiful places such as Tien stream, Ao Chau Lake, Au Co Temple and enjoy tasteful specialties of this historic land.

Hung Kings Temple

Hung Kings Temple is without dispute the principle destination of tourists to Phu Tho. Located in Hy Chuong commune, Viet Tri city, 90 km from Hanoi, this historical temple is considered a national tourists attraction. Hung Kings temple festival which is officially named “Death anniversary of Hung Kings, is held annually on March 10th of the lunar calendar to commemorate 18 Hung Kings who founded Vietnam. As a result, this national festival draws thousands of tourists gather here to burn incense to Hung Kings as well as pray for peace, health and wealth throughout the year.

This historic tourist attraction offers 4 main places for visiting, namely the legendary father and mother Lac Long Quan and Au Co temples, Hung Kings temple and Hung Vuong museum which were naturally favored with picturesque scenery.

Particularly, Hung mountain is divided into 4 temples, namely Ha (Lower), Trung (Middle), Thuong (Upper), Gieng and a pagoda of Mahayana Buddism called Thien Quang. The ultimate aims of the Hung Kings temple festival are beyond a normal educational activity of patriotism, of honorable moral tradition, “when eating a fruit, think of a person who planted the tree”. More important, it is an official occasion that Vietnamese people from all over the country turn their heart to the ancestral land to pay tribute to their nation’s founders.

Xuan Son National Park

Located in Thanh Son commune, Phu Tho province, Xuan Son National Park spreads over an area of 18.369 hectares. Visiting this “pristine” national park, tourists definitely have chances to explore an immense forest of Parashorea stellate, a hardwood tree of high economic value and a huge number of chestnuts, magnolia, etc. 

Thanks to the unspoiled nature and cool weather throughout the year, Xuan Son national park has become an ideal destination for those who love exploring nature and unique cultures of the ethnic minorities.

Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien (Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring)

Located on Na mountain, Quan Khe commune, Ha Hoa district, 80km to the North West of Viet Tri, Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien has been widely known as a “marvelous” land of Phu Tho. These amazing destinations have drawn thousands of tourists every year by the extraordinary beauty of nature. Their rich ecosystem is featured with hundreds majestic mountains, souring into the immense blue sky, surrounded by thick layers of tropical plants.

Ao Chau Lagoon

Traveling 70km further the northwest of Viet Tri, you will reach Ao Chau lagoon, a large pond with the shape of a buffalo heading its horns to Lo and Thao River, respectively. This “charming” pond is favorably compared with Ha Long Bay, a mini version. Get there, tourists definitely have a “crush” on pristine blue water, a huge natural mirror the reflecting majestic hills and immense blue sky. 

Au Chau pond is definitely a picturesque landscape, a “marvelous” gift of nature.The flows pristine water from surrounding springs gathering here did create the poetic scenery. Come here, visitors will have chances to explore small but luxuriant fruit farms, go fishing, or even engage in adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, boat riding, etc. Currently, Ao Chau lagoon is considered as a potential tourist attraction receiving lots of investments from the authority. 

Au Co Legendary Mother Temple

Located in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district, Au Co Legendary mother temple, a place to worship the legendary Mother Au Co, was built in Le dynasty. This high-valued architecture is prominently featured on ancient temples and pagodas, precious statues, namely Au Co and Duc Ong, valuable sculptures and priceless antiques. Geologically, this temple is in the shape a rectangular land with the length of 200m and width of 150m surrounded by high walls.

Thanh Thuy hot spring

In spite of having been discovered recently, Thanh Thuy hot spring is becoming an attractive destination for those who visit the historic fatherland. This amazing spring spreads over the area of 1 square kilometer with a depth of about 35 - 100m and water temperature of 40 - 57 Celsius degree. Most tourists and locals come here to be immersed in mineral hot water so that their body could be relaxed and healed.

Phu Tho is 90km away from the center of Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can get on a coach that takes you to Phu Tho at My Dinh bus station. You might pay  2,5$ to 3,5$ for a ticket fare. Additionally, if you board a train from Hanoi railway station, the fare might fluctuate from 2$ to 9$ depending on the types of seat you choose. There are three stations that you can tell the driver to get off, namely Viet Tri, Thu Duc and Tien Kien. Moreover, if you travel by private cars and motorbikes, you can follow the route via Thang Long Avenue, Son Tay Town Trung Ha Bridge and Phu Tho.

It will be a big regret if you miss enjoying a series of tasteful local specialties such as sweet soup, sour meat, Com Nam (rice role), etc. You definitely taste these good dishes all restaurants along the road.

Best Place to See the Sunset in Myanmar

Let’s go toTaungthaman Lake in the Amarapura town of Mandalay city, Myanmar to enjoy its well known  magical beauty. The place is considered one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world.

Every afternoon, there are lots of cars and buses bringing tourists to this area to enjoy sunset. Right next to the lake are the local young men immersing in the water, fishing and netting, although the weather is quite cool. There are some young people around the fire to warm and dry the longyi after soaking in the water for hours. Perhaps because of the shallow water, the fishermen have to drop the fishing rod in a far location where the water floods their breasts.

Nearby, there are long strips of land on the edge of the lake where the people here grow vegetables, besides, the white buffalos are still busy plowing the soil. Far away, the tower quietly reflect themselves on the water. The water, sometimes is calm, sometimes ripples because of the light breeze gliding across the lake. Some boats are cruising with tourists. The beauty of Lake Taungthaman has left many beautiful impressions in the hearts of tourists during the trip to Myanmar.

The world's longest teak bridge over Taungthaman Lake gradually emerges, like aahorizontal road connecting the two green patches amidst a vast space. It is the soul of the famous watercolor painting in the sacred land in the south of Mandalay.

The bridge is named U Bein with an ancient, simple and durable architecture in the suburbs of Mandalay. Surprisingly, the bridge is made of teak wood without a nail. The mayor named U Bein took advantage of the excess teak wood in the ancient palace left in Amarapura and erected the U Bein Bridge in 1850, after the emperor Mindon left the capital. On the bridge there are also sheltered stations and wooden chairs for people to rest between the 1,200 meters long bridge.

Some of the wooden piers on the bridge have been termites, and the effects of nature have partially destroyed it, many concrete columns are replaced, instead of the wooden ones. However, due to the popularity of the U Bein Bridge and the attention of tourists in the world, local authorities here are also considering using teak instead of other concrete columns.

The bridge currently only allows pedestrians ,visitors and peddlers alike to serve visitors. The number of visitors who set foot on the bridge today is no less than the number of locals crossing the bridge. The city can not count how many people visit the bridge every day, but this is the destination that any visitors to the Myanmar tour can not ignore.

The late afternoon is the time that pink purple color covers the space and river. Many people who like to watch the sunset concentrate on many points around the U Bein Bridge area to watch. People standon the bridge, at the foot of the bridge, some rent boats to the river to watch the bridge, while the local people mainly stand at the foot of bridge or on the boat to look up at the bridge and enjoy the momentswhen the sun slowly sink down behind wooden stakes.

The time from the beginning of the red sun till it totally disappear that visitors can see directly only lasts for 30 minutes. Everything is silent, the breaths are lighter, the boats on the U Bein River are cruisingwithout a sound. Everyone around seems to regret something. Perhaps, the sunset on U Bein River has left a beautiful image in the hearts of every visitor, and tomorrow they are no longer on U Beinbridge to enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. Maybe so, everyone is quiet because they are afraid the sun will fall down quickly or affect the viewing space of people around here.

Although it is famous for the best place to enjoy sunset, the local people here claim that, this space is also ideal when watching the sunrise, starting a new day with the busy work in the present life. Come here every morning you will feel the peace, tranquility, simplicity, all that has drawn a beautiful picture of the U Bein River. Please once travel to Myanmar to have a chance to watch the sunset on the U Bein River and feel the beauty of this place.

This is also a favorite place for young couples. They bring each other here to enjoy the peaceful feeling and enjoy the romantic sunset that nature offers. Probably because of this, the U Bien bridge is also called "Love Bridge" by local people.

Best Sunset Views in Bagan

Bagan is a land of over 2,000 temples, many of which are hundreds of meters above the ground. Bagan is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset. There are many towers selected for watching the sunset, for example Anada Tower, Thatbyinnyu ... because these towers have good locations and suitable height. However, most visitors come here only love to go to Shwesandaw, the highest ancient temple in Bagan.

Bagan is a popular destination for tourists visiting Myanmar. Every afternoon, almost all visitors, along with some locals living in this ancient city, climb up to the top of the towers, look at the sun going down to enjoy the most spectacular scene of the day.

On fine days, around 2am to 3pm, along Shwesandaw roads, you can see cars, bikes, motorbikes or even horse carts ... bring visitors to the temple. Passing hundreds of stairs to the roof of the hundred-meter hightemple, choose the most suitable place among the sunshine in the afternoon without any shade, no one complaints. Everyone prepares the camera and the most advantageous position to be able to take pictures. Everyone waits patiently.

 Waiting time is long, but the momentswhen the sun goes down on the plateau quickly passes. The rays of light suddenly light up and quickly fade into the gray of the late afternoon. The temple is now crowded with visitors standing and sitting on all stairs and on all four sides of the temple. People watch the last light of the day, people runback and forth to chase the last moments of the sunset. In Shwesandaw, every afternoon as well as any season, probably except for the rainy day, it’s always crowded with local people and tourists coming to enjoy sunset.

Travel to Myanmar, visitors can come many times a day or week to explore the beauty of the temple at different times. Only in Bagan can one enjoy the sunset from the hills, through the woods and the sparkling river that stretches over the temples.

Getting to Bagan, watching the sunset is something that most visitors can not ignore. Nevertheless, not everyone experiences the sunset on other ancient temples. In Bagan, most are towered but not all temples have stairs leading to the top floor. Therefore, only tour guides, local people and ones who know the place very well can point out which temples are the best place for sunset viewing among more than 2,000 temples scattered throughout the plains.

There are other temples with beautiful sunset view. Let’s imagine, after crossing the craggy, cramped and winding staircase, in front of you is a vast expanse of plains, the soaring temples stand out in the trees. . From the horizon, each golden sunlight falls down over and over, fading and falling.

Bagan is so attractive to visitors from the simplest things and it really leaves visitors with a deep impression. For every visitor, such sunset views are enough to keep in their heart beautiful and unique images of the land of ancient temples.

Learn about Ancient Tradition of Long-neck Women in Myanmar

Nestled on top of Karen Hills, the "giraffe" tribe attracts visitors with its custom-made metal rings on the necks of the women. The weight of the rings they carry on the neck can be up to 16 kg.

Travel to Myanmar to visit 'giraffe' village

The "giraffe" tribe is called Kayan, inhabiting the remote Karen Hills mountains in the east of Myanmar. The women here customarily wear metal bracelets on the necks, hands and feet with the concept of showing the noble and wealthy of the family.

Since ancient times, necklaces have been a valuable fashion item and are often used by young girls in the family. There are many explanations for this custom. Residents here believe that wearing rings to prevent the beast from biting on the neck, which reduces the beauty of women. They also believe that, wearing many rings is attractive to the men. Therefore, a woman can wear 16 kg of rings on the neck.

This practice seems to have disappeared when the community opened its doors to tourists, due to the influence of Western cultures, according to Channel News Asia.

"Most young women do not wear rings anymore because of the influence of modern culture," said Mr. Mu Lone in Pan Pet village.

Pan Pet is a village with more than 1,000 inhabitants. Decades ago, armed conflicts separated the village from the outside world, making it the most remote place in Myanmar. In 2012, Pan Pet opened to welcome visitors.

Today, the girls in the village feel free when they unleash their rings. Some still stick to this custom not to preserve tradition, but for commercial reasons in tourism.

"What we see is just outside. It seems that it is only possible to keep the custom, not to keep the spirit of tradition, "said Pascal Khoo Thwe, an expert at the International Trade Center.

Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

Mu waterfall is located on the Great Truong Son Range, at an elevation of over 1000m in Mu Hamlet, Tu Do Commune, Lac Son District - Hoa Binh Province. After traveling more than 130 km from Hanoi, after crossing a small and rough road, people will see that Mu water fall appears with wild beauty enchanting backpackers.

Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

Mu falls in Mu hamlet, Tu Do commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province is located at an altitude of over 1,000m in the first stretch of the Truong Son mountain range. Referring to Mu waterfall, many people are still vague about this name, but when seeing the images of the waterfall, many people were excited by the wild beauty of Hoa Binh mountain. Mu Waterfall is like a girl in her twenties, pure, innocent and strong.

When being asked about the origin of the waterfall, the local people say that "Perhaps the waterfall appears during the formation of the Earth, more especially, the waterfall has only one water line flowing from the mountain. This mountain range is hundreds of kilometers long, it is even said to run through... Laos.”

The most suitable mean of transport to conquer Mu Falls is motorbike and it requires drivers to be skillful because the road to Mu waterfall is rather small and difficult to travel, the more closer we get to the waterfall, the more "terrible" the road is.

Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

However, once you have conquered this path, your emotions will be bursting with the magnificent beauty that this place offers. Many visitors coming here have compared this place to the "fairy scene" appearing in the mythical movie with the cool blue waters rushing down the cliffs into each floor. Somewhere, there appear the mist blurred by the water vapor creating the scene of aquatic painting amidst the green forest.

The majestic, wild life of the Mu Waterfall gives visitors a very strong impression. From the top of the mountain, amidst the luxuriant stumps of trees, white streams as erupting from the sky are pouring down, covered by huge cliffs, creating the spectacular continuous cascades. Mu waterfall is divided into several small streams, the water pours down between the trees like the long, soft, graceful silk lines in the middle of the jungle.

Along the waterfall from upstream to upstream are dense forest canopies, the foot of the waterfall has many whirlpools that make you feel like in a massage jacuzzi.

The special feature of the Mu falls is that, the foot of the waterfall of more than 100 meters high, after years, have created a green pond like a large natural swimming pool. Do not hesitate any more, in the wild nature as the fairy land, you can jump down to the water, soak in the cool water, play with the white foam. All the dirt, heat, drowsiness, stress in daily life are completely washed away.

Mu Cave is behind Mu Waterfall. We can enter the cave only in the dry season, because the rainy season is very wet, and water flows fast. When entering the cave, people must carry a torch or light to illuminate the road. No one knows how long Mu cave is, since no one has ever reached the end of this cave. In return, in the cave, there is a large stone cave with beautiful stalactites of strange shapes. When the light of the torch lights in, the stone blocks suddenly become sparkling, fanciful as being inlaid with gold and silver. Mu Cave deserves a natural wonder that nature has bestowed upon this land.

Coming to Mu Waterfall, let’s take time to admire all the scenery here, learn the beauty of culture, catch fish in the stream with indigenous people, enjoy the dishes of Hoa Binh as fried bitter bamboo shoots , pork, rice cooked in bamboo tube and drink wine around the fire flickering to see how great and poetic the life is.

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Tips for Safe Travels

When it comes to travel, many of us want to travel the world, and there’s a great reason for that. Beyond just our biological compulsions to know the world around us, the world is also full of beautiful sights and wondrous experiences to be discovered. And, it’s never been more accessible to travel. However, when it comes time to set sail for adventure, there are a few things you need to take care of before you go. Here are the basics.
Tips for Safe Travels

First and foremost, you’re going to need to book everything early. Finding the right hotel room and flight is one thing, but you also want to find them, and book them, well in advance of the actual trip. You can often save some money by booking early, for one thing, but it will also make for a smoother transition into your getaway when the time comes.

Next, you’re going to want to pack early, as well. Furthermore, you’re going to want to be very thorough when packing. Make a checklist of all the things you’ll need for your trip and double check, and then triple check, if need be, to make absolutely sure you thought of everything and got it all packed up. Essentials to include are toiletries, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, enough clothes for every day of the trip and some extras, just in case, as well as your passport, if needed for an international trip, and your ID. Forgetting any of these things, especially your passport and ID, can be extremely detrimental to your trip.

Last, but not least, you’re going to need to secure your home while you’re gone. Consider upgrading your locks, for starters, and make sure you have deadbolt locks. Another way to make your home more secure is to secure your computer and other internet connected devices via security software like that of Kaspersky.

Enjoy the Scenery of Dai Lai Lake - Vinh Phuc

From the center of Hanoi capital, driving along Bac Thang Long - Noi Bai highway, turning into highway 2 about 10 km to Phuc Yen town (Vinh Phuc province), then turn right into provincial road 317 about 12 km, travelers will come to Dai Lai Lake tourist area located in the two communes of Ngoc Thanh and Cao Minh in Phuc Yen district. This is the ideal tourist destination for visitors on every weekend.
Dai lai lake

History of Dai Lai lake

In the past, Dai Lai Lake was a barren valley between the mountain range of Than Lan (Lizard) and the bare hills. In the rainy season, the water in the streams flowed like a waterfall, but at the same time, it quickly withered away, swept away with fertile silt, causing the fields to be eroded, the soil became barren.

In order to have water for irrigation in the area, Dai Lai lake started to be dug from 1959 to 1963 with a water surface area of ​​525ha, the lake water level in the rainy season can rise to 21m. However, until 1984, when the barren hills were covered with green trees, Dai Lai lake was put into tourism.

Landscape of Dai Lai lake

Nature has generously donated to Dai Lai scenic, charming water and mountains. To the north of the lake is the Tam Dao mountain range, which is far away from the jungle of green forest, intermingled with natural valleys, sloping hills and pristine peninsulas. The hills close to the mountainside are strung together by permanent dams that form a solid wall that holds water for the lake. The harmonious combination of lakes and mountains creates a spacious space which is like a lively picture full of natural colors.
Dai Lai Lake in the morning !

Dai Lai lake tourist resort has a temperate, cool climate since it is shielded by Tam Dao Mountain range and the mountains of Cot Co, Mo Qua, Than Lan.... The average temperature in the summer here is only about 28.9 degrees Celsius, in the winter is about 16.8 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal condition for tourists to have relaxing weekend vacation.

After exploring Dai Lai lake, visitors spend only 3 minutes sitting in the canoes or 10 minutes sitting in the boat to visit Ngoc Island located in the middle of the lake. Romantic-minded visitors can choose to cycle duck boats to reach the island so that they can both enjoy the tranquility of the water and have the opportunity to explore many landscapes of the lake.

Ngoc Island was formerly called "Bird Island" because there are hundreds of bird species from every where coming here to build their nests. So far, the island has been planned as a resort with various architectural items and attractive tourist services such as camping, children's play area, restaurants, karaoke rooms...

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Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to get immersed in the fresh space created by the pine, bamboo trees in the wind, the artificial lakes, the green grass mats and many colorful flowers blooming. And, after discovering the natural beauty of this beautiful island, you can stop at Linh Thong Pagoda, which is located on the Ngoc Island, to settle in pure spirituality.

Coming to Dai Lai Lake tourist area, visitors also have the opportunities to enjoy many delicious food of mountain and forest such as: rice cooked inside bamboo tubes, pork, fried small fish, grilled chicken, buffalo fried with Piper lolot...

Leaving Dai Lai lake, tourists can visit some nearby tourist spots in Vinh Phuc province such as Doi cave (Ngoc Thanh commune, Phuc Yen town); Tam Dao Mountain (Tam Dao town, Tam Dao district); Truc Lam Tay Thien monastery (Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao district) ...

In the busy stream of life, to calm the daily worries, visitors should come to Dai Lai lake resort to experience the value of life and find peace and quiet in the soul.