Eo Gio – A Masterpiece of Nature in Vietnam

If you have chance to go to Binh Dinh one time, especially when being led by the locals, you will be amazed by its natural beauty – an unspoiled beauty.

If you ask which place is the most beautiful in Binh Dinh, the locals will not be hesitating to answer that it is Eo Gio and Ky Co Beach.

Eo Gio belongs to the channel of Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city, surrounded by mountain ranges with extremely spectacular. Because of its unique topography - hollow as saddles, located between two high mountains, people call it “Eo Gio”.

Eo Gio is idyllic and spectacular as others beaches in the Central area of Vietnam. It is like a miracle located amongst mountain ranges that you need to explore to reach there. Upon arrival, you will be fascinated by the blue water, mountain cliffs with strange shapes and by the peaceful feelings while lying on stones and listening the sound of sea.

Beside the cliff, there is plenty of interesting caves such as Ky Co Cave, Ba Nghe Cave which attract a lot of birds to live and nest. Around the channel, sometimes you will see herds of goats grazing, or a couple taking their wedding photos.

Because it is a fishing visit, but not a tourist attraction so the atmosphere is very calm and the locals are very hospitable. You should try to visit this place once this summer to feel how beautiful Vietnam is and explore masterpieces of nature by your own way.

In Ky Co, you will get rustic experiences, immerse in the pace of life of the locals, enjoy fresh seafood and admire the pristine beauty of the beach. This is experiences that any young people should have once in their life.

From Eo Gio, it takes you around 30 – 40 minutes to get Ky Co beach by boat or canoe. In Ky Co beach, you will be shock by the pristine and crystal-clear beauty of this place. The sea water is emerald with taciturn rocks flocking together to create various small “pools”.

You should visit Eo Gio from April to September when there is no storms and little wind in the heart of the beach.

To get to Eo Gio, you need to go through Thi Nai Bridge. As arrival in Nhon Hoi crossroad, turn towards the right side on the paved way around 5 kilometers to reach the center of Nhon Ly commune. Send your vehicle at the house of the local and walk around 100 meters.

Near the beach is a fishing village. You could pay a visit, interact with the locals, enjoy seafood, take a bath in the fresh water, or visit a pagoda with the Buddha image overlooking the sea.

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An Amazing Rocky Park in Hang Rai

With amazing natural scenery and unique geology, the rocky park of Hang Rai has become a new destination to explore in the map of backpackers in Ninh Thuan.

Depart from Nha Trang, you have to across the route of 100 km long through mountains, beaches and green paddy fields to reach Hang Rai.

From the distance, the rocky park with a rough rock appears with no special things. But when you put your foot on that rock, you will be amazed by the uniqueness that nature has arranged.

There are two sightseeing spots in Hang Rai. The first one is the beach with stacked stones which create small caves –home to some kind of fish. The name of Hang Rai was form from that time. The other spot is a large ancient complex of rock which floats on the sea creating a park of rock with different unusual shapes. It is the main destination attracting tourists to come to visit.

Hang Rai is located in Nui Chua National Park (Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan), only few kilometers from Vinh Hy landscape cluster and the area of four Binh: Binh Ba - Binh Hung - Binh Lap - Binh Tien.

Besides the blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine, delicious seafood, mountain pass roads is breathtakingly winding, Hang Rai as a gift that nature has generously offered to this beautiful land.

The complex of ancient stone is very large, divided into two floors. The upper floor is over 2m high with diverse shapes. At some places, there are hundreds pointed stones with 20 - 30cm high while at other places, there is the formation of smooth round shapes.

The lower floor is a large and flat rock surface. It is situated below sea level just a few centimeters so covered with clear waters.

In the area of Hang Rai, there are huge coral reefs. With a couple of diving equipment, dip yourself into the blue water; you can admire the colorful world of sea.

This place is also ideal for watching sunrise or sunset- a great time for photograph hunters to creat magical photos.

In addition to Hang Rai, at the National Park of Nui Chua, there are interesting activities including climbing mountain, camping, and tours to watch sea turtle to lay egg. This is a new and ideal stopover for the journey to explore the coastal route from Ninh Thuan to Khanh Hoa.

The way to Hang Rai with unspoiled beaches 
The panorama of Hang Rai rocky park
The area in Hang Rai where there are stacked stones creating small caves.
The simple wooden bridge helps tourists approach easily to the rock complex.

The surface of the rock complex has many unique shapes.

Strolling along the rock filed submerged in the water is a fascinating feeling.

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5 Must-Go Cafes When Traveling in Saigon (Part 2)

Oromia Coffee

Orimia styled as a Western coffee shop with exquisite architectural features, elegant but not too fussy colors. The café also attracts visitors by the romantic songs that whether sitting inside or outside, guests will hear the melodious tunes. At night, when the yellow lights are lit, the space will be transformed into a different world. Besides, the bar also provides a feeling of closeness to the nature when every corner is covered by the green of the trees. Even the first step into the Oromia, guests will see a fish pond and a stone path, leaving a feeling like being lost in unspoiled natural place. The café serve from traditional dishes to the sodas suit the youthful style, catch up with the trend. The average prices in the shop ranged from 2 to 7 USD.

Thuc Coffee

Thuc Coffee is an extremely popular address to any young people in Saigon. Considered the never sleep city, Saigon is bustling not only in the day time but only at night. It is not difficult to find a leisure place in the city even at the midnight. And Thuc Café is such a place. The bar has a modern and not too picky space which suitable for chatting or working through the night. This will be a worth-to-try experience where travel to Ho Chi Minh City.

3A Station Coffee

Similar to Zone 9 in Hanoi, 3A Station (No. 3A Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1) is a combination of entertaining area and contemporary art which has come into operation in the heart of Saigon in recent years. In addition to an exhibition space and a separate clothing area, there are many interesting stops to enjoy the delicious cakes at the Pacey Cupcakes or sip a cup of tea at Plan trip Cha.

Kokois coffee

With the beautiful and luxurious space, Kokois is considered one of the best artistic installations in Saigon. The space of the café is designed in a mezzanine bar in the style of a real store house with both the indoor and outdoor spaces. Decoration is a mark point with the industrial steel tables and transport container. Set foot inside, guests will feel like being lost in a totally separate world from nature and surrounding trees, creating a warm and airy atmosphere.

10 Sitting cafe Notre Dame

If would like to enjoy coffee at an open space, visitors can go to the Park April 30 (District 1), a place famous for the coffee. After finding a suitable seat, travelers can order a cup of coffee and watch the busy street. Sitting next to the church, visitors will hear all kinds of cheerful sounds of life, from the noise of the crowd,the people talking, the birds singing, to the voices of the peddlers. Sometimes guests will meet the street artists playing guitar and singing somewhere around.

5 Must-Go Cafes When Traveling in Saigon (Part 1)

Sipping a cup of favored coffee and watching the busy streets will be pleasant experiences when traveling in the downtown of Saigon.

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The Saigon People

Located on the one-way street of Thai Van Lung (District 1), The Saigon People cafe is well known as a familiar house to welcome visitors who are looking for a peaceful place in the bustling city.The café is characterized by an impressive space of the old Saigon with blast walls, wooden doors, black and white televisions and the bicycle hung on the wall. Travelers come to the Saigon People can fresh up the mind and escape from the chaos of daily life in a quiet space with a variety of drinks. The average prices for dishes and drinks here just range from 2 – 4 USD.

Kujuz Coffee

Featuring a translucent glass walls and colorful design, Kujuz is a perfect space for relaxing with many sitting corners, quiet and soothing atmosphere. It is suitable for appointments with friends in the cool afternoons. Or if traveling alone, visitors can choose an indoor seat to just sip a glass of coffee and watch the colorful window boxes and the dense canopies outside. In particular, you will hand serving yourself because the bar does not has a certain staff. The Kujuzis located on Tran Quy Khoach Street (District 1) where travelers can enjoy fabulous drinks with an average price of only 2 USD.

Fix Republic

If you are a photography traveler and would like to meet people with the same interests, the Fix Republic is an interesting place you should not ignore. Located inside the dormitory on the road of Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Fix Republic Café would not separate from the modern life of Saigon but it features a quiet and artistic space.  The menu of beverage is also eye-catching design, not the common pretty small menus, but the huge tables hold by the staff. Drinks are also quite diverse with plentiful types, such as coffee, tea, soda, juice...  with an average price of just 1USD.

Ut Lanh

Get an idea of Saigon in the 80-90s, Ut Lanh entirely decorated by popular items that will make you think of an ancient house in the past. A bit familiar, somewhere memorize about the childhood will make visitors filled with interesting thoughts. It is said that all items in the shop has been “hunted” and collected around the city by the owners. The menu in the coffee is not only diverse, but also all kinds of juice and cakes, remind the child life of Vietnamese people such as children's bread, tube cakes, pickled sauces, snacks, small bags of dried beef… Another thing attracts visitors to Ut Lanh is that all the drinks are prepared in accordance by the owners including lemon juice with salt, pickled sauces, pineapple cucumber with milk, coffee...

Vot Coffee 

In Saigon, There are many famous cafés including the Cheo Leo at the Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment or the shop in the alley of 330 on Phan Dinh Phung Street of Ba family. Each shop is run by the older people, so travelers can learn more interesting stories and memories of the city in these places. The unique name Vot Coffee is called after the coffee appliances. Instead of using the filter or powder to make a drink as usual, these bars use a racket with a fabric to filter the coffee. This mixing process also follows many strange stages, requiring the bartender to be very meticulous and knowledgeable to procedure a cup of coffee with the right flavor.

Climb Mua Mountain to Admire the Fascinating Green Rice Fields

Travelers oftenwait for the harvest season in June to admire the vast yellow rice fields beside Ngo Dong. However, therice fields in May have a special beauty,with an endless green color of paddy.

People travel to Ninh Binh Province usually come to Trang An, Bai Dinh and Tam Coc – Bich Dong, but the only thing enchants us is the impressive natural scenery with a tranquil atmosphere.

Floating a boat in Tam Coc is a stunning experience, but standing atop of the mountain and observing the amazing scene of majestic nature and tiny people will be a lifetime experience when taking an adventure in Ninh Binh.

According a friend’s introduction, we reached Mua Cave, a complex of karst caves and mountain in Tam Coc - Bich Dong located in Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu.

People said that Mua Cave is the place where Tran kings often came and watched the dances of the concubines, thus the cave was named Mua.

When the golden sunshine in the afternoon pours down the Mua Mountain, you will feel like being lost in the world of fairy. A road bends around the mountains leads to the top where the towers standing as a symbol of the mountain.

The atmosphere on the mountain is very quiet and fresh because not many tourists come here. Occasionally, there are some people who come and go in silence, as feared just a little noise will break the poetic setting.

Conquering more than 400 stone stairs to reach the peak of Mua Mount will be an interesting challenge. However, travelers will be worthily rewarded by an incredible panorama of vast green field spreading in the majestic mountains and the mighty Ngo Dong River.

So far are the villages and the cities with a vivid life. Climbing up the mountain, most towers gradually in views, only the tower on the highest point remains challenging. Inspired by the beautiful landscape of Tam Coc, you will be full of motivation to finish the last steps. You will absolutely be overwhelmed by the view from the top of Mua Mount.

The statue of Guanyin on top, the Ngo Dong River bending around the limestone mountain embracing green fields, and thesmall boats floating on the waterways painting a heaven scenery that mesmerize all visitors.

From a high, the boats look like tiny dark spots, dotted on the background of the woven picture of mountains, green rice fields, and the winding stream.

Amongthe silent space, you can hear voice of the ferrymen singing on the river followed the winds spreads in to the atmosphere.

Faltered for a moment, we trek down the mountain to visit other interesting places. Mua Mountain has a beautiful cave as a resting place for travelers. There is also a small path at the gate of the cave with the name Pearl Stream.

Pearl Stream in essence is an underground river crossing the cave that we could only stand on itsuneven bank. The other side of the cave is rice paddies and a small dirt road under the foot of the mountain with a signpost "Tam Coc sightseeing path".

On rainy days, the road covered in mud. Finally, we can seethe river from a post behind a rice plot. Only over a month from then, the entire field will be covered with a yellow color, offering a dreaming scene of majestic nature in the golden fields.

The landscape is so beautiful that make travelers do not want to leave.

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Truong Tien bridge – A Romantic Image to See of Hue Travel

Despite more than 100 years on, the graceful Truong Tien bridge reflected on the Perfume River, which has been witnessing all the ups and downs of Hue with countless ‘scar’ of time remains a symbol of this ancient romantic former capital.

In 1897, Truong Tien bridge was allocated to Eiffel Company of France (well-known for building the Eiffel Tower in Paris), completed in 1899. Until now, the bridge has connected the two banks of the Perfume River the 114-year-old long and older than Long Bien bridge in Hanoi (1899-1902).

It used to be called under many different names: Thanh Thai bridge (named after a Nguyen king), Clemenceau Bridge (name of a prime minister of France during the World War I), Nguyen Hoang Bridge (the Lords discovered  Thuan Hoa land in the mid 16th century to early 17th century) and Truong Tien Bridge due to its location nearby the money factory of Nguyen dynasty (Tien means money).

During over 100 years, charming Truong Tien bridge in this romantic land has undergone many ups and downs along with the ancient capital.

In 1904, a severe storm dumped buckets steel bridge, several sections was knocked down to the river. In 1906, the bridge was repaired and the surface was made of concrete. In 1937, during the reign of King Bao Dai, bridge corridor was extended for bicycles and pedestrians, bridge balconies were widen for sightseeing or avoid the traffic. In 1946, the left bank of the bridge collapsed due to mine in the war. In 1953, it was reconstructed and completely remained the former design. In 1968, Truong Tien bridge collapsed once again. Until 1991, the new Truong Tien bridge was rebuilt again during 1991-1995. In 2002, the bridge was installed modern lighting system.

The bridge’s location and fate during over 100 years has made Truong Tien bridge an important part of the city’s history. Although there are many other bridges on the river: White Tiger Bridge, Phu Xuan Bridge, Bai Dau Bridge… Truong Tien is still the most iconic bridge of Hue.

Tourists who travel to Hue nowadays always want to go through the Truong Tien bridge to see graceful arched bridges reflected on the river, the purple graceful ao dai, the boats under the bridge, the red phoenix flower canopy above…

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