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Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Bangkok

Of course, there is no shortage of famous tourist attractions in Bangkok, but for the purpose of the most recommended ones, I would suggest following destinations:

Royal Palace

Royal Palace is without dispute the most typical example of the harmonious combination of Thai traditional architecture and Western styles. Thais believe that those who have visited the temple in the palace will receive the full blessings of the Buddha.

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is the custodian and curator of modern Thai artworks and sculptures. It is home to more than 800 works to be collected and exhibited in 5 floors by a businessman named Boonchai Bencharongkul. Additionally, you have a chance to admire the collection of Thai abstract paintings following the emergence of modern Western art. Therefore, the museum is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who are engaged in Arts and interested in admiring artworks.

Rocket Coffeebar S49 Restaurant 

Featuring marble bar stands and a part the floor covered by honeycomb stones, Rocket Coffeebar S49 Restaurant is definitely an ideal destination for those who love taking “check-in” pictures.

Emmie's Restaurant

Located quite far from the city center, Emmie's restaurant has drawn the attention of both locals and tourists, even fastidious guests who want to enjoy a late-morning breakfast in the green space housed in a two - storey villa.

Kay's Boutique Breakfast

If you wish to “kick up” a new day by a tasteful breakfast in the pretty quiet space nestled in an alley, you should definitely give Kay's Boutique Breakfast that a try. You can enjoy the buffet of a main course, a dessert, a cup of tea or coffee. Additionally, you might order any dish from the menu prepared by the chef.

ROAST Restaurant

Housed on the 4th floor of Commons complex, ROAST restaurant works all day long. Significantly, it offers a long menu of various fresh and healthy dishes. In addition, desserts and hand-made roasted coffee also help it attract a significant number of guests.

D'ARK by Phillip Di Bella Restaurant

Featuring eyes – catching look of the wooden interior, D'ARK by Phillip Di Bella Restaurant astonishes its guests with an impressive menu of delicious foods. Thanks to the relatively open space, the restaurant is an ideal destination for family and friend meeting.

Rocket Café

The regular guests of Rocket Cafe are office workers who do not have much time for lunch but want to enjoy tasteful food. The plus point of the restaurant is the pastel that is young and dynamic.

Think Café

As one of the first coffee shops following the wave of brown bear cookie, Think Café is undoubtedly a popular destination with those who have a sweet tooth. Additionally, it is successful to capture the attention of guests right in Siam Center thanks to black and white decoration, wooden tables and chairs, big teddy bears serving as comfortable pillows. 

Wonderwall l The Kaffebar Café

Wonderwall l The Kaffebar Café has long been known as the regular venue for coffee processing competitions. Therefore, the coffee shops offer “high-quality” coffee that promises to leave a wonderful flavor in your mouth right you take the first sip. Significantly, the shop grasps the attention of visitors with impressive internal space of wooden decorations, the open-air external space, the iron door frames that remind us of traditional houses in the western region of the United States.

Green Sea Koh Lipe – The Maldives of Thailand

Being naturally favored stretching smooth sandy beaches, crystal blue sea water, the charming small Koh Lipe is entitled the Maldivies of Thailand.

Stepping onto the island, tourists definitely overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of beaches which has attracted a large number of both local and foreign tourists during the high season, from the beginning of November to the end of April. Ko Lipe offers three main beaches, namely Pattaya, Sunrise, and Sunset. Significantly, they are connected by walking streets served for pedestrians.

Visiting Koh Lipe Island, you would probably be mesmerized by stretching white sand beaches. This is a perfect destination to fresh your mind after days of working and studying hard, and, temporarily set all concerns and worries of the hectic life aside. Because the island is bustling, it offers environmentally friendly hotels and guesthouses that are characterized by natural materials, bamboos, for instance, leaves roofs, and lush trees.

Running along the bustling coastal road, food stands and restaurants serve a variety of foods and drinks, from fresh seafood to tropical fruits. Additionally, all the bars are crowded with guests till the early morning of the next day. Thus, it’s a favorite place for those who love engaging in the bustle and hustle. 

Stretching along the entire eastern part of the island, Sunrise Beach features the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and separate luxury resorts which are totally different from 2 other beaches. Additionally, the beach is distinguishingly characterized by a white long sand hill that heads to the sea creates a small sand bay. This is also the most beautiful view on the island that I like and often go there to enjoy the charming sea view and relax at the same time.

As the name would imply, Sunset is the ideal spot for visitors to watch the sunset. Tourists can stay overnight right on the beach by hiring tents for camping. How amazing!. At Sunset Beach, you can also rent camping tents. In addition to main 3 beaches, tourists might make a visit to deserted islands by boat, particularly, Koh Adang and Koh Rawi Islands.

Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya Visitor Attraction

The brick-colored bungalows between the grassy plain and the green vineyard will make you feel like you are in a Western country.

From central Pattaya, you can easily get to Silverlake Vineyard based on Google maps or offline map software. The road is clear, no traffic, but the highway has many large cars running fast. If traveling by motorbike, the driver must be strong.

It takes about 45 minutes if traveling by car and 120 minutes by motorbike. At the entrance there are signboards in many languages, including Vietnamese. There are no entrance fees but there are a few areas where you have to buy tickets.

The main station of this resort is a cluster of red brick villas, built in classic European style. This is also the point of sale many types of candy made from grapes look very cute to buy as gifts. Surrounding the villa is the green grass is carefully trimmed.

With the hot weather of Pattaya, the freshly squeezed grape juice is very popular with visitors. Outdoor coffee space is cool green space, wind cage that you will love to sit here forever.

On the yard in front of the vineyard, late-afternoon music shows are often held to serve tourists. This location is the ideal place to sip a glass of wine purchased in the garden, while watching the romantic sunset.

Summer is the best time of Silverlake. All kinds of flowers blooming at the edge of the windmill as in the Netherlands. However, this season it’s often rainy in the early morning and late afternoon, the weather is mild, uncomfortable.

The artificial lake of coolness brings a sense of peace. Silverlake is also a good place for wedding photos of couples.

This area is very wide, so the walking area is limited to avoid visitors getting lost. If you want to get down to the garden, you can register tuktuk tour to go all the corners of Silverlake. Service rates are from 100 to 250 baht per person per package.

February and March are the harvest season, the vines ripen all over the garden, look very eye-catching. Grapes are carefully taken care, so visitors are sure to buy products here to use.

The garden huts are your stopover after a day of walking. This place is by the lake, the wind is gentle, suitable to sit relax and chat. The opening of Silverlake is from 9h to 18h. However, restaurants and cafes operate until 9pm. If you do not hurry back to the city during the day, you can still dine.

If you want to stay overnight, you should contact booking in advance with the resort. From these small houses, visitors can see the Golden Buddha on the famous Kao Chee Chan Mountain in Pattaya. Vineyard Address: 31/62 Moo 7, Na Chom Thian 20250, Pattaya.

Putuo Son - Sacred Mountains of China

The place where Sun Wukong met Guan Yin Bodhisattva in "Journey to the West" is one of the four sacred peaks in China.

Putuo Mountain is the name of a small island in the South China Sea, Zhejiang Province. The  Mount Jiuhua, Mount Emei (Myshan), Mount Wutai, Putuo Mountain are considered as the four most scared mountains of Chinese Buddhism.

Legend has it that in 858, the monk Tue Ngoc brought the statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara from Wuyi Mountain to Japan by boat. As he passed through this place, there were many lotus flowers floating on the sea, which made the ship unable to move. He understood that Guan Yin did not want to go to Japan, so he transferred the statue to the island, built the Puji Temple (bu ken qu guanyin yuan).

The legend is quickly known. The number of pilgrims to the island is increasing. In the most prosperous times, the island had 4 large temples, 106 small temples, more than 4,654 monasteries. 

Putuo Son is one of the pilgrimage sites attracting domestic and foreign tourists in China.

To get to Putuo, from Hangzhou, you travel four hours by car, to the pier, buy ferry tickets (about 25 yuan, travel time is 15 minutes). After arriving at the other ferry terminal, you walk for about 15 minutes or free shuttle bus to the center of the island.

Three clusters of pagodas attract most visitors island is Guan Yin statue (Quan Yin not go), Puji Temple and Fayu Temple.

You can also go to the village, find out the life and activities of local people, look at the house more than 100 years old. Visit the restaurant and enjoy local delicious dishes. Please note that this place is an island, and is one of the famous pilgrimage sites in China, the number of tourists is very large, the price is often high. You need to ask the price in advance so that you do not get cheated.

At night, do not forget to walk with your companions on the streets away from people, breathe fresh air, enjoy the quietness on the island. Also in this time, the system of lights at the foot Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara at the highest point is lit, making the space more virtual and mystical.

Kenting - Taiwan's "Sleeping Princess"

Kenting not only has beautiful coastline, historic lighthouse, vast nature reserve but also one of the most beautiful place to enjoy sunsets in the world.

Kenting is located in the southernmost part of Taiwan, in Taiwan's Pingtung province, about two hours' drive from Kaohsiung Airport and 2½ hours from Tainan Airport. Kenting is the land that is blessed with the longest beautiful beaches in Taiwan. If anyone is passionate about movies, it's no wonder that Life of Pi, Cape No. 7 select the coast here to shoot for your footage.

In the pictures are the old streets of Kenting. It's just a small area south of Taiwan but there are countless tourist attractions that foreigners know little about.

Located in the southwestern part of Kenting, on a high ground, Guanshan is rated by CNN as one of the 12 most beautiful places to enjoy sunset in the world. With brilliant sunsets, from the hills area, visitors can see the sunset picture as they draw two horizons at sea. Landscape is like a romantic painting captivated people.

Previously, Wanlitong was a relatively mysterious white sand beach, coral reef, but since the appearance of the movie Cape No.7 and Life of Pi, it has created a “fever” in tourism in Taiwan. The beach is surrounded by peaceful fishing villages. At night, you can enjoy watching the stars, separate from life outside. Going along the long beach, visitors will feel very relaxed because the area is not polluted by smoke, a perfect place to watch.

Chuanfan Rock is the famous shooting location of this area. The stone is more commonly known as the Nixon Stone because of its many angles to the look of the former president of the United States.

Visitors can go to the Shadao Ecological Reserve, located in the Kenting National Park system, to enjoy the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. Guests are not allowed to swim here for conservation purposes.

Another attractive destination that not many people pay attention to is the LongPan Hill - red sea. Located directly on the JiaE highway, limestone karsts formed by seawater form a beautiful geological area. Guests can rent terrain vehicles to climb to the top of the terrain to see the Red Sea beach.

The historic Eluanbi Lighthouse was built in the Qing Dynasty, right in the Taiwan Straits and the Pacific Ocean. You will have the opportunity to learn about the historical value of the lighthouse exhibits.

The Best Luxury Resorts Vung Tau

IRelax Bangkok Resort Vung Tau

IRelax Bangkok Resort is a luxury resort located on Highway 55, Binh Chau commune, Ba Ria Vung Tau. With a mild, cool and tranquil climate, this is the ideal place for visitors to stay and visit. With all in one criteria, iRelax Bangkok Resort is built with many attractive services such as Thai style hotel, Thai restaurant, mineral mud bath, mineral bath, massage, hot soak, Eggs, bathing water jets. At the same time, they are continuing to expand some other entertainment services such as crocodile fishing, recreational fishing, sheep hills, wine cellar, sand dunes, shooting guns and many other garden models.

Here, guests can choose a Bungalow with modern facilities, in room amenities include hair dryer, TV, air conditioning, hot and cold water, safe, minibar ... With an area of about 40m² Thai-style architecture, bungalows combined with garden is a great choice.

Long Hai Beach Resort

Leaning on the side of the romantic Nuoc Ngot pass, Long Hai Beach Resort is like a paradise of sunshine and sea breezes, international standard 4 star luxury, deserves the ideal place to relax, after busy days. 

Coming to Long Hai Beach, visitors will feel the harmony between the people and the sea, it seems that all fatigue are dissolved instead of the sound of the sea waves and lightly salty taste around.
Long Hai Beach with 110 rooms including 38 Deluxe rooms, 52 Garden View bungalows, 8 Sea View bungalows, 10 Villa suites and 2 VIP rooms with 1,200m² swimming pool, making visitors feel like they are swimming in the sea.

Vietsovpetro Ho Tram Vung Tau Resort

Located in the Ho Tram - Binh Chau tourism cluster, an area that is considered as the most developed ecotourism resort in Ba Ria Vung Tau in the coming years Vietsovpetro Ho Tram Resort is the ideal stopover. For those who come to Ho Tram.

Located in the heart of the Ho Tram Beach, only 46 km from Vung Tau, you can easily explore the peaceful life of Vung Tau fishermen, In addition, Vietsovpetro Ho Tram also has a beach over 1,000 meters long with stretched white sand, clear blue water, mountains, fresh air … which are great for a holiday.

Thuy Duong Long Hai Resort

Back on Mount Minh Dam, Thuy Duong resort with a view of the windy sea and always green  throughout four seasons. In the New Year, a large peach forest blooming along the coast of more than 2 km, contributing to the beauty of the landscape here. Besides, the beach is more than 1km long with many sea sports such as canoes, windsurfing, rowing ... for guests’ entertaining. Thuy Duong resort with 115 rooms including hill view rooms and luxury ocean view villas. They are well designed to meet the needs of visitors to create tranquility and close to nature.

In addition to sunbathing, swimming, entertainment ... on the premises of Thuy Duong resort, visitors can quietly stroll, relax in the beautiful garden with the characteristic of the countryside of Vietnam as Vi Da Thon Trang garden, An Hoa Thon Trang garden, Buon Truong Yen Son Ha garden.