Top restaurants you should enjoy food when coming to Quy Nhon

Street food has become an integral part while tourists travel to Quy Nhon. But, when coming to this coastal city, you should also visit a luxury restaurant to enjoy the delicious food cooked by the professional chef in a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and good service. Let me introduce you a wonderful experience at the Top 5 restaurants in Quy Nhon that you should try once during the time in this city.

1, Com Nha 1989

Com Nha 1989
Address: 43 Mai Xuan Thuong Street, Quy Nhon City
Opening hours: morning: 10 am - 2 pm / afternoon: 4 pm - 9 pm
Located in the center of Quy Nhon City, the restaurant is the only restaurant that redescribes the warm space of the family meal in the difficult years of Vietnamese. Old wood chairs and tables, chopsticks, the plates, the dish-covers, or the spoons are used by the restaurant to serve guests. Especially, the restaurant does not have a fixed menu. It changes every day like a traditional meal of Vietnamese. All of those characters make the local people reminisce the memories of cozy rustic family and tourists in other countries be attractive.

2, Que Huong Restaurant

Que Huong Restaurant
Branch 1: 125 Tang Bat Ho Street, Quy Nhon City
Branch 2: 185 Le Hong Phong Street, Quy Nhon City
Opening hours: 9am - 10pm
Que Huong Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Quy Nhon so it is not surprising that this place becomes a destination that everyone knows. Like the name, Que Huong Restaurant will be the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a rustic flavorful meal right in the home country. The restaurant is famous for dishes such as chicken rice, river-leaf creeper soup, braised fish and so on. Especially, it is also attracted by the food made from fish sauce. This is one of the restaurants in Quy Nhon with a relatively high average price. However, you should not worry about that because the quality of the food at the restaurant is always worth the money you spend.

3, Com Mau

Com Mau
Address: 179A Phan Boi Chau Street, Quy Nhon city
Opening hours: morning 10 am - 2 pm / afternoon: 5 pm - 9 pm
Known as a phenomenon cuisine of Quy Nhon, Com Mau has been attracting many young people and families in Quy Nhon.  Its menu looks like in wartime such as the rice mixed with potato, grilled rice or eggplant with field cabbage in salt, braised fish and so on. Com Mau not only has delicious food but also make people reminisce memories of the past. Therefore, with foreigners, they will both enjoy food and know more about Vietnam during wartime. And there is a special character that will make you surprised. It is an interesting sound or you can understand that it is a famous saying of Ho Chi Minh president during the war.

4, Cam Tam Bay Quan

Cam Tam Bay Quan
Address: 102A Tran Phu Street, Quy Nhon Province
Opening hours: 9am - 8pm
Com Tam Bay restaurant located at Tran Phu intersection in the heart of the city so it is quite easy to find. This is also one of the famous restaurants in Quy Nhon so the food is very tasteful with the indigenous people. With the large space and courtesy staffs, the restaurant also received the love of many customers right for the first time. Especially, there is also a comfortable air-conditioned room for you to enjoy a comfortable meal during hot summer days. The restaurant has a variety of dishes with a variety of menu from fatty chicken rice, meat, and squinting beef. Chicken rice and rib rice here are very popular. I am sure that you will be amazed by that food here. Especially, the dishes are decorated beautifully to make customers cannot ignore when trying once in this restaurant.

5, Tu Vi Restaurant

Tu Vi Restaurant
Address: 46 - 48 Do Doc Bao Street, Quy Nhon City
Opening hours: 6.30 am - 9 pm
Tu Vi is just located on the Do Doc Bao Street, opposite Coopmart supermarket, and only 300m from the city center square and Xuan Dieu beach. This restaurant is considered as its modest, airy, polite, and beautifully decorated. This place is very suitable for office workers, local people, and foreigners. The menu is extremely rich with all kinds of dishes, the favorite food is chicken rice and Tomyum Mekong hot pot. The rice here is kneaded into the square shape to delight customers. Especially, the restaurant also offers combo menu suggestions for each group of large and small visitors. In addition, the restaurant occasionally serves both folk songs. You can both listen to music and enjoy delicious food to have a great experience. Besides, This restaurant is also one of the reasonable price restaurants in Quy Nhon with a price of 1.5$ or more.

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