The best European restaurants in Hanoi

1. Al Fresco's

Al Fresco's
Coming to Al Fresco's, you can relax in romantic space from the West and will be served delicious dishes from Australia, Mexico, and Italy, along with famous beers in the World. Especially, its criteria are to bring more value than the dishes. So, when going to Al Fresco's, customers not only enjoy the food but also explore the culinary culture typical of each country. Because this restaurant has many specialties of countries in the world, Al Fresco's always brings to tourists many foods from ancient Europe to wild America or back to Australia's green fields. 

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2. Pepperonis chain

Pepperonis chain
This restaurant has appeared since Hanoi people are unfamiliar with pizza or other foods of the West. Pepperonis has gradually conquered the customers with authentic Italian flavor in each piece of crispy pizza and fragrant cheese. When trying this, guests should enjoy slowly to feel the great taste. The crispy and the sweetness of the cake and the aroma of cheese make tourists impressed. Moreover, Pepperonis experienced over 20 years to satisfy the demands of millions of meals for the people in Hanoi. Pepperonis taste has been constantly adjusted to make hot crispy pizza and Italian noodles to make Hanoi people and tourists have the most interesting experience. 

3. Rome Deli

Rome Deli
With its modern design, Rome Deli has the romantic character of the Rome ancient city with the intimacy of a cozy coffee shop. In the restaurant, there are many 3D pictures on the wall for tourists reminisce the Colosseum in Roman and the history of ancient Rome. If you are a big fan of Italian cuisine, you surely know Mozzarella cheese. It not only has the long history but also is considered as the specialty of Italy. When coming here, you will be enjoyed the unique taste of this delicious not only on the fragrant crispy Pizza, with passionate noodles but also other special dishes. I am sure that you will feel satisfied when coming to this restaurant. 

4. Jacksons Steakhouse

Jacksons Steakhouse
According to the owner of the restaurant, the delicious steak obliges tasty ingredients. So, in order to give our customers the best beefsteak, the owner has imported high-quality beef from famous brands in the world such as Angus beef in the USA, Wagyu beef in Australia and premium beef from Waikato, New Zealand. In addition, the Europe processing is mixed with a variety of sauces prepared in the restaurant's own formula to create a harmonious combination to add flavor to the steak. Moreover, The combination of high-quality ingredients, master chefs along with the simple impressive decoration makes tourists absolutely passionate. 

5. Jaspas

Located on the 4th floor of Hanoi Tower, Jaspas Restaurant is an ideal meeting place for you to avoid the crowded streets of Hanoi. Here, you can try a variety of delicious European delicacies. While enjoying a glass of wine, you can take the time to see through the menu of the restaurant. You can see a world of rich and varied cuisine from traditional to European that make you confused. Jaspas' menu consists of the specialty of Vietnamese, Mexico, or the romantic of European dishes. 

6. Moo Beef Steak Chains

Moo Beef Steak Chains
European - American cuisine attracts tourists not only by its rich flavor but also by its delicate decoration. Thanks to this, Moo Beef Steak bring the delicious taste and give you the best time to enjoy. This restaurant is inspired by the constantly moving movement to create its culinary special menu. So, guests will be enjoyed the impressive food. Moreover, I am sure that you will be confused because the menu of Moo Beef Steak really is extremely diverse and quality. It will be hard to choose between a myriad of dishes. Owning a space between the classic and modern interiors, Moo Beef Steak is also an ideal place for meetings and close reunion.

7. Botanica restaurant chain

Botanica restaurant chain
Botanica Restaurant is a perfect combination of a gentle, romantic and sweet space with dishes that are unique and eye-catching. For those who love Western European cuisines such as beefsteak, Salad, or Sandwich, this is an ideal place. In addition, Botanica is known as the secret garden where guests can feel the full flavor of the food and the quiet of the restaurant.

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