Top “breathtaking” destinations in Quy Nhon, Vietnam that you should not miss

Quy Nhon is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam with many interesting places to visit. Below, I will introduce to you the most beautiful tourist sites Quy Nhon that you can not ignore. 

1. Eo Gio 

Eo Gio
Eo Gio Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches where is surrounded by mountains and caves very specially
The first destination in Quy Nhon I would like to introduce for you is the Eo Gio. With wild beauty, this place is extremely enjoyed by many young people. The caves and mountains surrounding Eo Gio make this place always cool. You will be hiking, exploring the mysterious wild caves created by nature when visiting this place. Especially, Eo Gio has had the beautiful walkway in the middle of the mountains, with thousands of stairs built with safety rails which are beautiful and prominent with red and white color. 

2. Hon Kho Island

Hon Kho Island
Hon Kho island is a peaceful island which is located close to the land and it takes just around 20 minutes by ship
Hon Kho is located in Nhon Hai Commune, which is very beautiful and peaceful. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Quy Nhon. The island is quite close to the land because it is just only 20 minutes traveling by ship. At the island, you will be able to take part in snorkeling to see coral reefs. Moreover, you can make and eat some foods which are still fresh with local people. 

3. Bai Xep

Bai Xep
Bai Xep is sill a wild beach where for those whose prefer the peace 
Bai Xep is for those who love peace and want to escape the crowded. Moreover, if you are interested in making Bai Xep fishing nets or fishing in the evening, do not hesitate to ask one of the fishermen at Xep Beach. They will show you how to knit fishing net and take you go fishing at night. Bai Xep is currently not much developed, so there are not many hotels or restaurants. If you want to eat seafood, you can go to the coastal booths to buy for processing. 

4. Surf Bar

 Surf Bar
Surf Bar is  an ideal nightlife destination for young tourists when traveling to Quy Nhon
With a youthful atmosphere and beautiful beach view, Surf Bar is often chosen by young people as a nightlife destination when traveling to Quy Nhon. Surf Bar is known as the most famous coffee shop in Quy Nhon, so it is easy to make visitors impressed. Although its space is simple, it is very romantic and peaceful. Stepping into the Surf Bar, you will surely be attracted immediately by the airy space in harmony with nature, and the eye-catching ornaments. Especially, when visiting the coffee shop in the evening, you will be surprised by the romantic scene with the light and shimmering color.

5. Zoo Safari Park

Zoo Safari Park
Zoo Safari Park is a very famous site with nearly 900 species such as bear, ostrich, star deer, camel, gibbons, black swan, Tarodama yellow duck
FLC Zoo Safari Park has a total area of 129.1 ha. Its design looks like the world standard safari model. It is the habitat of nearly 900 species such as bear, ostrich, star deer, camel, gibbons, black swan, Tarodama yellow duck and so on. Safari Park is designed for the natural interaction between humans and animals to bring visitors who travel to Quy Nhon experience habitat and living habits of natural wildlife.

6. Cu Lao Xanh ( Blue Land ) 

Cu Lao Xanh ( Blue Land )
Cu Lao Xanh (Blue Land) is very special with clean water, white sand and peaceful space....
Cu Lao Xanh is exactly what it is called because the island's blue is deep in the bottom. Besides, it has clean water, white sand, and peaceful space. I am sure that it will be the ideal place for you to bath and diving. If you go in groups, you can organize a campfire with a grilled seafood party on the beach with snails, mackerels, specialty "blink squid". The name refers to the fresh squid. Cu Lao Xanh is still a new place for visitors to explore its beauty. 

7. Trung Luong Picnic Area

Trung Luong Picnic Area

The campground with its undulating red roofs, colorful rows of chairs scattered all the way to the sea are the most special feature of this place. The landscape here is quite wild with strange shape limestones, the green lawns, and the fresh air,  from the sea. It will certainly make you feel relaxed when coming to this area. In the evening, it will be a happy night to watch the stars, fire camp, sing with your friends and family. 

8. Phuong Mai sand-hill

Phuong Mai sand-hill

Located right at Nhon Ly beach, about 20km from Quy Nhon city center, Phuong Mai sand hill in Nhon Ly commune is considered as an interesting tourist destination in the potential development stage. The first feeling when putting on the Phuong Mai sand-hill is "fresh" because tourists are attracted by its wild and charming beauty. Walking on the sandy hills 100 m above sea level, visitors have a view over nature here. At this altitude, visitors can enjoy the dunes stretching for miles, the green forests, and wind from the sea. All makes you feel relaxed.

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