Top 5 Hard-To-Forget Street Food in Hanoi

Anthony Bourdain who is an American master Chef expressed his viewpoint in a specialist travel page of CNN that there is no better place to entertain the President of the free world than one of classic, funky family-run noodle shops you find all over Hanoi. Apart from noodle, it is worth noticing that the more explorations you make, the more delicious cuisines you can deeply enjoy in this paradise of street food.
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Here are 5 recommended famous dishes that will give you a perfect trip to Hanoi metropolis.

1. Pho

How could the list of Hanoi cuisine be completed without Pho?
Even it is the first time for you to experience Pho, you will immediately fancy the harmonic combination of noodles with different kinds of meat like beef or chicken, herbs and spices. Indeed, they are mixed together in your mouth as you slurp your pho bowl until the last drop in which broth seems to play an essential element to create the Pho’s soul.

2, Bun Cha

At the roadside shops, delicious kebab rice noodles are listed as a perfect street food because of not only possessing nutritious ingredients but also being sold with affordable prices.
Normally, Kebab rice noodles is served with grilled fatty pork (cha) over a plate of white rice noodle (bun) and herbed with a side dish of dipping sauce. Depending on the chef’s experiences and secrets, this attractive dish is varying from one to another.

Buncha - The signature dish of Hanoi

3, Grilled Chicken

When referring the ideal land of the grilled chicken, Ly Van Phuc “Chicken Street” often comes across everyone's mind. There are a wide range of optimal options for you to pick up like chicken wings, legs, potatoes, and bread spreading with honey before baking, eating with chili sauce and pickled cucumber. As a result, it is not by accident that this cuisine seems to be especially created for “drinkers” who like sipping chicken with alcohol.

Grilled chicken wings in Ly Van Phuc - The chicken street of Hanoi

4. Sticky-rice

Wandering or riding a motorbike with Vietnam motorbike tours along the Hanoi streets in early mornings, your eyes will easily catch a plain image of sticky rice sellers which is considered as a popular and convenient breakfast for Vietnamese people. Traditionally, sellers usually have a tendency for wrapping this dish in banana leaves. Nowadays, dozens of varying kinds such as steamed chicken, sticky corn, beet sticky, sticky green beans and black beans are always available wherever and whenever for serving you by their best.

Banhkhuc - A unique kind of Sticky Rice

5. Egg Coffee

Being regarded as a Vietnamese traditional drink, the existence of egg coffee in Hanoi is no longer unfamiliar with everyone. This kind of beverage is often prepared with essential elements such as egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk and Vietnamese coffee. As a rule, the making process has to obey strict steps like beating egg yolks with sugar and coffee, then extracting the coffee into a half of the cup, following with a same amount of egg cream, which is created by heating and beating the yolks.

A cup of Egg coffee in Giang Cafe, Nguyen Huu Huan

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