Travel Guide to Yangon, Myanmar

The first city we set foot into was Yangon, although having read all travelling notes and tips, we felt both nervous and exciting, a bit curious to explore . Unlike an ancient city we was drawing in our minds, Yangon appears to be a modern town, the roads are filled with cars and there isn’t any motorbike, more and more skyscrapers, grand hotels, business malls are being build at incredible speed, wireless connection is enabled all over the town, there are many men who wear longyi skirt and chew betel, the women who have tanned skin with tha-na-kha powder all over their face, not to mention numerous betel “ stores “ in town. However, the houses and building in the downtown are a bit degraded, with high density of inhabitants. You can find many temples and church with unique construction style.

It costs 9000 Kyat to move from the airport to the downtown (for a group of 5), the driver took us to the travel agency to book our flight tickets, he was very kind and helpful and he speaks English quite good.


Yangon is the center from which you will be able to travel to other provinces, thus enables you to decide which to visit first on the following days. Please note that there are many transport stations, so asking the cab driver carefully is necessary, we decided to travel to Bagan first in a Bandoola for 9600 kyat (Including blankets, clean water, soaps, towels and toothbrush, which is really professional). If you want a VIP transport vehicle, go for JJ Express, which is well known for good service. We started our trip at about 6 p.m. There was an unforgettable memory for us, our cab driver made a mistake and took us to the wrong station, so he raced to the next station without paying any attention to our prayers and how frightened we were because it was the last trip of the day.

For other options of travel on special transportation in Myanmar, you can try a river cruise on some ships like Anawrahta Cruise  and The Strand Cruise


Staying in downtown neighborhood is recommended because it is suitable for both travelling and eating, which is a bit more expensive but also more convenient, we reluctantly took a cab to find a place to stay after finishing a domestic flight from Mandaylay to Yagon, because we were careless enough not to preorder accommodation. We finally decided to choose Motel Peony for the night, which is located at the 8th floor of an old building for multiple residences, the rooms were clean, with no Wireless connection, but close to many affordable restaurants...

 Address: 8th floor , inside the Nyaung Pinlay Zay Plaza, Lanmadaw street, with the cost of 35USD for a room with 2 single beds.

Otherwise, you can choose to stay at Mr. Lee hotel  in the downtown of Lanmadaw street ( beautiful hotels, internet connection, at good spot, with reasonable price of 60$ for a double room, near the China Town with various delicious street food – a lunch for our group costs about 7500 kyat.


You will find delicious food with reasonable price if you spend time searching. There is a restaurant near Mr Lee Hotel which serves delicious Stewed chicked with noodles, dumplings and fantastic sticky rice, or on Maha Bandoola street, there are street food restaurants all alongside the road who serve steak, Sugarcane pie near the Chinese templeor even Myanmar style wonton pieces...

There is one thing I thought would never be seen around these places, at first I thought there were only Buddhism followers who live here and they have a healthy lifestyle, but I was wrong: the 19th alley on Bandoola street turns out to be a foreign toursist attraction, which was really quiet and peaceful in the morning, from 7 p.m it becomes a very busy street with various activities, with many grilled dishes sold in skews... This is a must-visit place.

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Due to its origin in the history: once a center of Myanmar, and once belonged to the England and Japanese, the buildings and constructions here are very interesting such as the church, the Sule temple, freedom square, alligator ville, however, you have to pay an entrance fee of 1-8$ for each destination, Bogyoke Aung San market, Mingalar market, the foreigners’ corner on 19th Street, Botataung temple,Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Mailamu temple, the Jewish institution Musmeah Yeshua Synagogue, the Mahabadoola garden, lake Inya and lake Kandawgyi. Among which the Shwedagon temple is a destination you should visit: the unique golden temple of Myanmar, which holds four sacred Buddhism relics namely the staff of Kakusandha, the water purifier of Konagamana, the Cloak of Kassapa, and the 8 hairstrings of Buddha.

Shwedagon Pagoda at Night
The most special destination is the sacred golden temple of Shwedagon, a magnificent construction, You should hire a tour guide at the ticket counter (8usd) at the cost of 20USD, he will tell you many interesting stories about the history of the temple, as well as the spiritual stories here.

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