Top Historical Sites in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Located in the southern region of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is the ideal destination for tourists to discover not only a young active city but also a home to many impressive historical attractions. If you want to extend your knowledge of Vietnam history, consider my list of 5 must-see historical sites in this beautiful city.

War Remnants Museum
Officially opened in September 1975, War Remnants Museum is an ideal tourist attraction for those who really want to learn more about Vietnamese War. The museum’s exhibits consist of military equipments of all types from Helicopter, bombs, tanks, guns and a wide range of declarations, commands, news about war etc. Visiting the museum, you will find it easy to understand all the exhibits and objects thanks to many short texts in English below.

Historical sites in Ho Chi Minh City
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Central Post Office
Another worth-visiting historical site in Ho Chi Minh City is the Central Post Office, which was designed by Gustav Eiffel. Paying a visit to this oldest building of the city offers you the opportunity to admire such a spectacular architectural site with a lot of French-styled features marking the influences of French to the life of Ho Chi Minh city in the past.

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Reunification Palace
Built as a workplace for President of Southern Vietnam in War time, Reunification Palace is also known as an extremely meaningful building setting a landmark of history in Vietnam when Southern Vietnam is free from the rule of Colonialism. Visiting the Reunification Palace, you will admire a wide range of luxurious interior furniture, beautiful paintings from skillful Vietnamese artists as well as pottery exhibits.

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Notre Dame Cathedral
Considered as a symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, Notre Dame Cathedral is a must-see spot for those who just set foot in this busy city. Built in 1880 by French colonists, the Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece, which reachs a height of 60 meters. At the time it was built, the Basilica was the most beautiful cathedral of this kind amongst all French colonies. A special fact is that all the materials were directly imported from France including bricks, woods and interior furniture inside. If you have chance to visit Ho Chi Minh city during your excursions in Vietnam then taking some photos at Notre Dame Cathedral is a must.

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Cu Chi Tunnels
Located in the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnels might bring you a total unique experience from the other historical sites. In the war time, this massive underground system was created by Communist guerilla troops or Viet Cong to house troops, transport communications and supplies, lay booby traps and arrange surprise attacks to battle against the US soldiers. Once arrived at this area, you will be amazed by thousands of hidden tunnels lying deep into the ground. You will soon understand how hard Vietnam had suffered from and how skillful Vietnamese people are. Every part of this complex is a priceless lesson for everyone of us, especially children, thus, I highly recommend this for your Vietnam family tours.

Historical sites in Ho Chi Minh City 5

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