Danang Travel Experience at The Weekends

Looking for some travel experience Danang at the weekend, you will be more confident with your trip. Da Nang has long become a popular destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. Here, you will discover the journey with the most fascinating and interesting experience.

Da Nang travel at the weekend

Da Nang is one of the cultural center of tourism in the Central, where always attracts a lot of visitors to visit. On weekends, the number of visitors to Danang often increases, as this is the ideal time to rest after a week of hard work and study. Da Nang tourism on the weekend will save more cost than the big holidays or important occasions. At this time, finding the hotel, transportation, choice of destinations will be easier, visitors can comfortably visit the inner city and the outside Da Nang without much worry.

Time and means of transportation

The famous coastal city of Da Nang in any season of the year is beautiful and splendid. However, according to experience travel Da Nang at the weekend, the most suitable time for tourists can start their trip is from February to August. At this time, the weather in Da Nang is very pleasant, not too hot nor less stormy. Around this time visitors can enjoy enjoying the trip without being interrupted by the weather factors.

There are many types of transportation to Da Nang such as airplanes, bus, trains, motorbikes. On weekends, in order to shorten the travel time visitors should choose the plane. This means you will have more time to explore Da Nang. If you have plans for a trip to Da Nang, travelers should look for opportunities to hunt cheap tickets of airlines operating domestic flights such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air Jetstar, Pacific Airlines. In Da Nang, you can rent self-drive motorbikes, buses or taxis to travel between the attractions.

Accommodation in Danang at the weekend

Like many other famous tourist destinations in Vietnam, Da Nang also owns a wide variety of hotel and guest houses. With the experience of travel Da Nang on the weekend, visitors can see that Danang has the accommodation services from popular to high-end. Depending on the needs and financial ability of each person, you can choose the appropriate ones. To save money for the trip, you can reserve rooms at Tuan Phong, Luna Diamond, Quan Quan, Song Thu, Tuong Vi, Kingdom, Hava Da Nang. For those who want to enjoy luxury resort services, the Danang Resort Naman Retreat, Fusion Maia Da Nang, Hyatt Regence Danang Resort and Spa, Furama Villas Danang ... are the great choices.

You should make early booking to ensure room availability, cheap rates and good quality. If you follow the delegation, visitors should not come to Danang when not find accommodation, because many hotel owners will increase room prices themselves. With Danang's travel experience, you can bargain for cheap hotels and have no public rates. Check the room before check-in, ask carefully about the free and charged services that are what travelers need to do when booking hotel.

Weekend travel destination in Danang

Danang owns a lot of fun destinations for visitors to explore the weekend. Da Nang tourists can spend time visiting attractive destinations such as:

Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is a resort located 40km from the city center. It has a cool year-round climate that ranges from 14-20 degrees Celsius. Ba Na Hills attracts visitors with its array of intriguing games, state-of-the-art relaxation services and natural surroundings. If you have the opportunity to set foot in Danang, you should spend a lot of time to fully explore this destination.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula is one of the tourist symbols of Danang is popular with many visitors. This destination has been shared via in the article "Danang travel experience by month". Visiting Son Tra Peninsula, visitors will feel the green space of the majestic mountains, the vast forest. This tour promises to give visitors a lot of emotions and experience.

Ancient village of Tuy Loan

Tuy Loan is an ancient village with a history of over 500 years, this is an interesting tourist destination that visitors can visit when coming to Da Nang. Located 10km west of downtown Danang, the ancient village of Tuy Loan always bear the mark of history, traditions and cultural identity of the village of Vietnam. The most unique feature of this ancient village is the communal house, built in the late 18th century and preserved intact to this day.

In addition to these three attractive destinations, Da Nang also has Ngu Hanh Son, My Khe Beach, Con Market, Dragon Bridge, Han River, Hai Van Pass, Nam O Reef, Cam Ne Hamlet, Han River Bridge, Non Nuoc Beach, Linh Ung Pagoda ... Visitors should have a specific plan of visiting destinations to have a wonderful trip over the weekend.

There are many other great things about Danang, please make you plan now to to be able to explore the land yourself.

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