Silverlake Vineyard Pattaya Visitor Attraction

The brick-colored bungalows between the grassy plain and the green vineyard will make you feel like you are in a Western country.

From central Pattaya, you can easily get to Silverlake Vineyard based on Google maps or offline map software. The road is clear, no traffic, but the highway has many large cars running fast. If traveling by motorbike, the driver must be strong.

It takes about 45 minutes if traveling by car and 120 minutes by motorbike. At the entrance there are signboards in many languages, including Vietnamese. There are no entrance fees but there are a few areas where you have to buy tickets.

The main station of this resort is a cluster of red brick villas, built in classic European style. This is also the point of sale many types of candy made from grapes look very cute to buy as gifts. Surrounding the villa is the green grass is carefully trimmed.

With the hot weather of Pattaya, the freshly squeezed grape juice is very popular with visitors. Outdoor coffee space is cool green space, wind cage that you will love to sit here forever.

On the yard in front of the vineyard, late-afternoon music shows are often held to serve tourists. This location is the ideal place to sip a glass of wine purchased in the garden, while watching the romantic sunset.

Summer is the best time of Silverlake. All kinds of flowers blooming at the edge of the windmill as in the Netherlands. However, this season it’s often rainy in the early morning and late afternoon, the weather is mild, uncomfortable.

The artificial lake of coolness brings a sense of peace. Silverlake is also a good place for wedding photos of couples.

This area is very wide, so the walking area is limited to avoid visitors getting lost. If you want to get down to the garden, you can register tuktuk tour to go all the corners of Silverlake. Service rates are from 100 to 250 baht per person per package.

February and March are the harvest season, the vines ripen all over the garden, look very eye-catching. Grapes are carefully taken care, so visitors are sure to buy products here to use.

The garden huts are your stopover after a day of walking. This place is by the lake, the wind is gentle, suitable to sit relax and chat. The opening of Silverlake is from 9h to 18h. However, restaurants and cafes operate until 9pm. If you do not hurry back to the city during the day, you can still dine.

If you want to stay overnight, you should contact booking in advance with the resort. From these small houses, visitors can see the Golden Buddha on the famous Kao Chee Chan Mountain in Pattaya. Vineyard Address: 31/62 Moo 7, Na Chom Thian 20250, Pattaya.

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