Kenting - Taiwan's "Sleeping Princess"

Kenting not only has beautiful coastline, historic lighthouse, vast nature reserve but also one of the most beautiful place to enjoy sunsets in the world.

Kenting is located in the southernmost part of Taiwan, in Taiwan's Pingtung province, about two hours' drive from Kaohsiung Airport and 2½ hours from Tainan Airport. Kenting is the land that is blessed with the longest beautiful beaches in Taiwan. If anyone is passionate about movies, it's no wonder that Life of Pi, Cape No. 7 select the coast here to shoot for your footage.

In the pictures are the old streets of Kenting. It's just a small area south of Taiwan but there are countless tourist attractions that foreigners know little about.

Located in the southwestern part of Kenting, on a high ground, Guanshan is rated by CNN as one of the 12 most beautiful places to enjoy sunset in the world. With brilliant sunsets, from the hills area, visitors can see the sunset picture as they draw two horizons at sea. Landscape is like a romantic painting captivated people.

Previously, Wanlitong was a relatively mysterious white sand beach, coral reef, but since the appearance of the movie Cape No.7 and Life of Pi, it has created a “fever” in tourism in Taiwan. The beach is surrounded by peaceful fishing villages. At night, you can enjoy watching the stars, separate from life outside. Going along the long beach, visitors will feel very relaxed because the area is not polluted by smoke, a perfect place to watch.

Chuanfan Rock is the famous shooting location of this area. The stone is more commonly known as the Nixon Stone because of its many angles to the look of the former president of the United States.

Visitors can go to the Shadao Ecological Reserve, located in the Kenting National Park system, to enjoy the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. Guests are not allowed to swim here for conservation purposes.

Another attractive destination that not many people pay attention to is the LongPan Hill - red sea. Located directly on the JiaE highway, limestone karsts formed by seawater form a beautiful geological area. Guests can rent terrain vehicles to climb to the top of the terrain to see the Red Sea beach.

The historic Eluanbi Lighthouse was built in the Qing Dynasty, right in the Taiwan Straits and the Pacific Ocean. You will have the opportunity to learn about the historical value of the lighthouse exhibits.

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