Dalat, A dreamy city | Da lat travel guides

Tired of being in a crowned city and wanted to have a peaceful, relaxing vacation? Welcome to Dalat, a dreamy city.

Location and terrain

Dalat city is located at Lam Nguyen Highland, Lam Dong. With an altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level and 394,64 km2 in size, surrounded by mountain and forest gives this dreamy city a mild and cool mountainous climate.

The terrain is divided into two specific type: mountainous and plain terrain. The mountain surrounded the city with the height of about 1.700 meters created a ring that conceal the city from breezing wind.

Tourist sites

Prenn water fall

At the beginning of Prenn pass in the direction from Ho Chi Minh city to Dalat, you will see the first tourist site of this dreamy city, located 10km from the heart of the city. The name prenn came from between the 15th and 17th century, which was the war zone of the Cham and the K'Ho. The nam Prenn came from the Cham, meaning "Conquered area".
Dalat, A dreamy city | Da lat travel guides

To reach the foot of the water fall, tourists have to follow a beauty full road with stairs carved out of stone upon a hill side with many different kind of flowers grown alongside. The water fall from a 10km height would be a magnificent show for you. And if you still not impressed, there is a tunnel made out of water from the fall and rock for you to explore.

Prenn water fall not only have a spectacular fall but also have many flower gardens, a zoo, and ì you want to take a look from above, Prenn have a system of skiers ready to satisfy you.

Maple Leaves

Entering the city is a beautiful ecological zone located at 45 Dang Thai Than street. Maple Leavers is a place you must visit because of its unique structure: it is a group of odd building which is surrounded by a Maple forest.
Dalat, A dreamy city | Da lat travel guides

Arriving at the entrance of Maple Leaves you will see the Mushroom House, next is the "Dragon united" gate. Further in is the Drum House and Cave House. Next is the Center House with 132 roofs alongside a pool of Koi, which contain more than 300 Koi. If you are fund of camping and want to know what it is like to sleep under a sky full of stars and beautiful Maple leaves in Autumn then Maple Leaves had that covered, a camping site is located right at the heart of the Maple forest is ready to served. It will be an unforgettable experience for you and your friends, as well as your family.

Another unique thing in Maple Leaves is the Cloud Yard, which will be the most impress view you have ever seen.

Center City

Dalat, A dreamy city | Da lat travel guides

That would be enough for a day but you need to eat and drink, refuel yourself so that you can go explore another great place the day after. After a monstrous diner, you begin to wonder "so what's the different between Dalat's food and my city?" Well, Dalat may not have a special kind of food like many others city but it had one thing that most others city in Viet Nam does not have, its cold and breezing at night. With the advantage from the atmosphere at night, fast food in Da Lat is different from the others. The people in this city prefer hot soymilk and Da Lat "pizza", not actual pizza though. Da Lat "pizza" is a special type of girdle-cake cocked on direct ember with eggs and many more ingredients. Just imagine how good it would be when you have a hot cup of soymilk, one of those "pizza" in your hands or a bowl of noddle in your hands when the cold and breezing surrounding you. It would be so amazing to fell the warm spread out of the foods and dinks while chatting with friends or family in such cold weather.

Tourism in Da Lat is not just that, there is many more wonderful places such as Tuyen Lam Lake, Love Valley. Golden Stream, v.v... Which will be presented to you in the next part.

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