Top 7 Most Beautiful Bridges in Vietnam

The bridges in the middle of the sea are not so prominent, but they still capture the eyes of tourists by their own charms. In spite of being built for different purposes, these following seven bridges promise to grasp your attention right you step onto them.

1. Ngoc Trai (Pearl) Wooden Bridge

Located in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, 500 meters from National Highway 1A,  Ngoc Trai wooden bridge has not been much popular to tourists. As the name would suggest, this bridge is named Ngoc Trai because it was built by the Ngoc Trai Company for work. Standing proud in Van Phong Bay, the wooden bridge stretching over 300 meters into the sea and embraced by the crystal blue sea water. 

2.  Ham Ninh Dock Bridge

Situated on Phu Quoc Island, stretching over 600 meters from the shore, Ham Ninh Dock Bridge, as the name would suggest, is where fishing boats arrive the shore. Visting Ham Ninh, you definitely greet the spectacular sunrise on the bridge in the early morning. The bridge heading out the sea so long that tourists might be overwhelmed by its endless beauty. In addition, the fishing village is famous for Ham Ninh crabs caught by the local fishermen, so you should definitely give it a try when travelling this amazing beach.

3. Wooden Bridge of Rach Vem fishing village

Located in the north of Phu Quoc Island, the small Rach Vem fishing village is home to 170 households whose main livelihood is fishing. The village attracts tourists with fresh seafood of raft houses at the middle of the sea. The point is that you do not need to get on boat to get to the raft houses from the mainland, you walk along charming endless bridges, instead. That might be the reason why they become the most favorite check-in spot of tourists to this fishing village. These bridges definitely enable them to own « thousand-like » pictures thanks to the overwhelming scenery. 

4. Bac Lieu Bridge

Located in the Mekong River Delta, Bac Lieu has long been famous for the most large - scaled wind farm in Vietnam. Moreover, at the foot of 62 wind turbines are stunning wooden bridges intertwining on the surface of the sea serve as the turbines’ connection and a "charming" check – in spot for travellers.

5. Thuong Diem Dock Bridge

Located on Ninh Thuan DT701 coastal road crossing Ca Na, Thuong Diemn bridge is an attractive destination for those who are engrossed with sea exploration and admiration despite of the fact that it neither long nor prominent. Characterised by rocky mountains at the back, the charming blue sea in the front, Thuong Diem bridge promises to afford you « admiring » pictures supported by the majestic nature.

6.  Mango Beach Resort Wooden bridge

Hiding in Hầm Ninh fishing village, Mango Beach Resort is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love greeting the charming sunrise in Phú Quốc. The most prominent feature of the resort is the small wooden bridge leading to the hut in the middle of the sea to watch the first rays sunshine at dawn or see schools of fish swimming in the early morning.

7.  Nam Nghi Resort Dock Bridge

Nam Nghi Resort, Phu Quoc Island offering leading conveniences and accommodations is about to open in May. However, the prominent features that enable it to be the « first of its kind » are the bar named Rock Sunset Island Bar at the middle of the sea and a stunning dock bridge stretching over 100 meters. It’s the reason why it seizes the title of the best place of greeting the sunrise on the sea in Vietnam. Amazing !. Thus you should definitely give it a try.

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