Top 6 Interesting Places to Visit in Phu Tho

Pilgrimaging to the Father land on 10th, March (lunar calendar), tourists do not only have opportunity to visit main temples, namely Thuong (Upper), Trung (Middle) and Ha (Lower) but also explore other beautiful places such as Tien stream, Ao Chau Lake, Au Co Temple and enjoy tasteful specialties of this historic land.

Hung Kings Temple

Hung Kings Temple is without dispute the principle destination of tourists to Phu Tho. Located in Hy Chuong commune, Viet Tri city, 90 km from Hanoi, this historical temple is considered a national tourists attraction. Hung Kings temple festival which is officially named “Death anniversary of Hung Kings, is held annually on March 10th of the lunar calendar to commemorate 18 Hung Kings who founded Vietnam. As a result, this national festival draws thousands of tourists gather here to burn incense to Hung Kings as well as pray for peace, health and wealth throughout the year.

This historic tourist attraction offers 4 main places for visiting, namely the legendary father and mother Lac Long Quan and Au Co temples, Hung Kings temple and Hung Vuong museum which were naturally favored with picturesque scenery.

Particularly, Hung mountain is divided into 4 temples, namely Ha (Lower), Trung (Middle), Thuong (Upper), Gieng and a pagoda of Mahayana Buddism called Thien Quang. The ultimate aims of the Hung Kings temple festival are beyond a normal educational activity of patriotism, of honorable moral tradition, “when eating a fruit, think of a person who planted the tree”. More important, it is an official occasion that Vietnamese people from all over the country turn their heart to the ancestral land to pay tribute to their nation’s founders.

Xuan Son National Park

Located in Thanh Son commune, Phu Tho province, Xuan Son National Park spreads over an area of 18.369 hectares. Visiting this “pristine” national park, tourists definitely have chances to explore an immense forest of Parashorea stellate, a hardwood tree of high economic value and a huge number of chestnuts, magnolia, etc. 

Thanks to the unspoiled nature and cool weather throughout the year, Xuan Son national park has become an ideal destination for those who love exploring nature and unique cultures of the ethnic minorities.

Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien (Heaven Pond – Fairy Spring)

Located on Na mountain, Quan Khe commune, Ha Hoa district, 80km to the North West of Viet Tri, Ao Gioi - Suoi Tien has been widely known as a “marvelous” land of Phu Tho. These amazing destinations have drawn thousands of tourists every year by the extraordinary beauty of nature. Their rich ecosystem is featured with hundreds majestic mountains, souring into the immense blue sky, surrounded by thick layers of tropical plants.

Ao Chau Lagoon

Traveling 70km further the northwest of Viet Tri, you will reach Ao Chau lagoon, a large pond with the shape of a buffalo heading its horns to Lo and Thao River, respectively. This “charming” pond is favorably compared with Ha Long Bay, a mini version. Get there, tourists definitely have a “crush” on pristine blue water, a huge natural mirror the reflecting majestic hills and immense blue sky. 

Au Chau pond is definitely a picturesque landscape, a “marvelous” gift of nature.The flows pristine water from surrounding springs gathering here did create the poetic scenery. Come here, visitors will have chances to explore small but luxuriant fruit farms, go fishing, or even engage in adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, boat riding, etc. Currently, Ao Chau lagoon is considered as a potential tourist attraction receiving lots of investments from the authority. 

Au Co Legendary Mother Temple

Located in Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district, Au Co Legendary mother temple, a place to worship the legendary Mother Au Co, was built in Le dynasty. This high-valued architecture is prominently featured on ancient temples and pagodas, precious statues, namely Au Co and Duc Ong, valuable sculptures and priceless antiques. Geologically, this temple is in the shape a rectangular land with the length of 200m and width of 150m surrounded by high walls.

Thanh Thuy hot spring

In spite of having been discovered recently, Thanh Thuy hot spring is becoming an attractive destination for those who visit the historic fatherland. This amazing spring spreads over the area of 1 square kilometer with a depth of about 35 - 100m and water temperature of 40 - 57 Celsius degree. Most tourists and locals come here to be immersed in mineral hot water so that their body could be relaxed and healed.

Phu Tho is 90km away from the center of Hanoi. From Hanoi, you can get on a coach that takes you to Phu Tho at My Dinh bus station. You might pay  2,5$ to 3,5$ for a ticket fare. Additionally, if you board a train from Hanoi railway station, the fare might fluctuate from 2$ to 9$ depending on the types of seat you choose. There are three stations that you can tell the driver to get off, namely Viet Tri, Thu Duc and Tien Kien. Moreover, if you travel by private cars and motorbikes, you can follow the route via Thang Long Avenue, Son Tay Town Trung Ha Bridge and Phu Tho.

It will be a big regret if you miss enjoying a series of tasteful local specialties such as sweet soup, sour meat, Com Nam (rice role), etc. You definitely taste these good dishes all restaurants along the road.

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