Top 4 Best Places to Drink in Saigon

Saigon people, especially the gourmets are available to wait for a certain period of time and pay a higher price to enjoy famous beverages such as Pasteur coconuts, Phan Dinh Phung cane juice, Co Ba ginseng juice, etc.

Pasteur Coconut Juice

Pasteur Coconut stall opening in 1995 is the familiar destination of people in Saigon during these such hot and muggy days. The popular juice is simply made from coconut juice added sugar mixed and coconut flesh cut into slices and stored in large buckets. When guests order, the owner put it on a glass and add bit jam (kumquat) above the glass. Featuring the sweet, fresh,  slightly sour and fragrant, this drink is undoubtedly an ideal one to stay cool in hot weather. The shop opens from morning until 10 p.m, and is crowded all day long. The price for a glass of  Pasteur Coconut Juice is 12,000 VND.

Sugarcane juice on Phan Dinh Phung Street

Actually, there is no shortage of stalls and shops in Sai Gon that offer sugarcane juice, but for the reason of the highly complimented one,  i would like to recommend the stall at the corner of Phan Dinh Phung - Cao Thang Street (Phu Nhuan district) has been attracting visitors for 50 years. Interestingly, the ingredients are that we have already known, namely sugar cane juice and kumquats extracted juice and frozen in the ice bucket. Yet, the point is that this shop creates its own taste, so it has been a regular address in summer of people in Sai Gon. 

The restaurant offers a few seats, but most customers oder take-away portions. A glass of sugarcane juice in this stall is priced at 10,000 VND, higher than others in Ho Chi Minh City of averagely 5,000-7,000 VND per glass.

Co Ba Ginseng

Co Ba Ginseng stall is favorably considered as the  « cause of traffic jam » at the intersection of  Dinh Tien Hoang and Dien Bien Phu Streets because of a queue of customers in the late afternoon. Interestingly, although it’s actually a small drink stall, it has 5 waiters to satisfy the orders of customers waiting on the sidewalk. The most famous drink of the stall is here is the daisy ginseng and seaweed ginseng priced at  7,000 VND per glass. According to regular customers, the ginseng juice of Co Ba’s is suitable to satisfy our thrist in summer.

 Milk tea at City’s Opera House

Featuring no seats, no name, no parking,… the name "Opera House Milk Tea" has been popular to those who live in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Moreover, the owner « places » plastic cups milk tea on the doorstep and steps of the theater. When customers orders,  she just need to add in grinding ice. Although this temporary stall just offers main flavors such as peach, apple, mint, etc,  it’s good enough to enjoy this kind of drink in the central areas of 5 - star hotels. The price is 9, 000 VND for a small glass and 15,000 VND for a big glass respectively.

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