Burmese Tofu Noodles - Unique Food You Should Try

Travelling to Myanmar, enjoying Burmese cuisine, you will have chance to try a great dish which is tofu noodles, sounds familiar to the people of Vietnam but it must be tasted to have a comment on it.

In recent years, the country is located in the northwestern Indian Peninsula - Myanmar has been called the "rising star" of the Asian tourism. Not only people, culture, landscapes but even food of this Southeast Asia is also attractive to a lot of people.

Although Myanmar cuisine is quite similar to India, China, Thailand and the culinary cultures of many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has its own features.

Tofu noodle or Shan tofu noodle is one of the most delicious dishes in Myanmar, which is not really made of tofu but a porridge made with green peas, covered with a layer of noodles fiber, eaten with chicken or pork seasoned with green vegetables and peppers. Although this combination seems strange to many people, the taste will make you enjoy this dish.

When you enjoy this Burmese tofu noodles, you will feel a little something familiar, a bit strange, all mix together to create an unforgettable taste. Wish you and your family a happy meal when you arrive here.

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