Best Sunset Views in Bagan

Bagan is a land of over 2,000 temples, many of which are hundreds of meters above the ground. Bagan is an ideal place to enjoy the sunset. There are many towers selected for watching the sunset, for example Anada Tower, Thatbyinnyu ... because these towers have good locations and suitable height. However, most visitors come here only love to go to Shwesandaw, the highest ancient temple in Bagan.

Bagan is a popular destination for tourists visiting Myanmar. Every afternoon, almost all visitors, along with some locals living in this ancient city, climb up to the top of the towers, look at the sun going down to enjoy the most spectacular scene of the day.

On fine days, around 2am to 3pm, along Shwesandaw roads, you can see cars, bikes, motorbikes or even horse carts ... bring visitors to the temple. Passing hundreds of stairs to the roof of the hundred-meter hightemple, choose the most suitable place among the sunshine in the afternoon without any shade, no one complaints. Everyone prepares the camera and the most advantageous position to be able to take pictures. Everyone waits patiently.

 Waiting time is long, but the momentswhen the sun goes down on the plateau quickly passes. The rays of light suddenly light up and quickly fade into the gray of the late afternoon. The temple is now crowded with visitors standing and sitting on all stairs and on all four sides of the temple. People watch the last light of the day, people runback and forth to chase the last moments of the sunset. In Shwesandaw, every afternoon as well as any season, probably except for the rainy day, it’s always crowded with local people and tourists coming to enjoy sunset.

Travel to Myanmar, visitors can come many times a day or week to explore the beauty of the temple at different times. Only in Bagan can one enjoy the sunset from the hills, through the woods and the sparkling river that stretches over the temples.

Getting to Bagan, watching the sunset is something that most visitors can not ignore. Nevertheless, not everyone experiences the sunset on other ancient temples. In Bagan, most are towered but not all temples have stairs leading to the top floor. Therefore, only tour guides, local people and ones who know the place very well can point out which temples are the best place for sunset viewing among more than 2,000 temples scattered throughout the plains.

There are other temples with beautiful sunset view. Let’s imagine, after crossing the craggy, cramped and winding staircase, in front of you is a vast expanse of plains, the soaring temples stand out in the trees. . From the horizon, each golden sunlight falls down over and over, fading and falling.

Bagan is so attractive to visitors from the simplest things and it really leaves visitors with a deep impression. For every visitor, such sunset views are enough to keep in their heart beautiful and unique images of the land of ancient temples.

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