Best Place to See the Sunset in Myanmar

Let’s go toTaungthaman Lake in the Amarapura town of Mandalay city, Myanmar to enjoy its well known  magical beauty. The place is considered one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world.

Every afternoon, there are lots of cars and buses bringing tourists to this area to enjoy sunset. Right next to the lake are the local young men immersing in the water, fishing and netting, although the weather is quite cool. There are some young people around the fire to warm and dry the longyi after soaking in the water for hours. Perhaps because of the shallow water, the fishermen have to drop the fishing rod in a far location where the water floods their breasts.

Nearby, there are long strips of land on the edge of the lake where the people here grow vegetables, besides, the white buffalos are still busy plowing the soil. Far away, the tower quietly reflect themselves on the water. The water, sometimes is calm, sometimes ripples because of the light breeze gliding across the lake. Some boats are cruising with tourists. The beauty of Lake Taungthaman has left many beautiful impressions in the hearts of tourists during the trip to Myanmar.

The world's longest teak bridge over Taungthaman Lake gradually emerges, like aahorizontal road connecting the two green patches amidst a vast space. It is the soul of the famous watercolor painting in the sacred land in the south of Mandalay.

The bridge is named U Bein with an ancient, simple and durable architecture in the suburbs of Mandalay. Surprisingly, the bridge is made of teak wood without a nail. The mayor named U Bein took advantage of the excess teak wood in the ancient palace left in Amarapura and erected the U Bein Bridge in 1850, after the emperor Mindon left the capital. On the bridge there are also sheltered stations and wooden chairs for people to rest between the 1,200 meters long bridge.

Some of the wooden piers on the bridge have been termites, and the effects of nature have partially destroyed it, many concrete columns are replaced, instead of the wooden ones. However, due to the popularity of the U Bein Bridge and the attention of tourists in the world, local authorities here are also considering using teak instead of other concrete columns.

The bridge currently only allows pedestrians ,visitors and peddlers alike to serve visitors. The number of visitors who set foot on the bridge today is no less than the number of locals crossing the bridge. The city can not count how many people visit the bridge every day, but this is the destination that any visitors to the Myanmar tour can not ignore.

The late afternoon is the time that pink purple color covers the space and river. Many people who like to watch the sunset concentrate on many points around the U Bein Bridge area to watch. People standon the bridge, at the foot of the bridge, some rent boats to the river to watch the bridge, while the local people mainly stand at the foot of bridge or on the boat to look up at the bridge and enjoy the momentswhen the sun slowly sink down behind wooden stakes.

The time from the beginning of the red sun till it totally disappear that visitors can see directly only lasts for 30 minutes. Everything is silent, the breaths are lighter, the boats on the U Bein River are cruisingwithout a sound. Everyone around seems to regret something. Perhaps, the sunset on U Bein River has left a beautiful image in the hearts of every visitor, and tomorrow they are no longer on U Beinbridge to enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. Maybe so, everyone is quiet because they are afraid the sun will fall down quickly or affect the viewing space of people around here.

Although it is famous for the best place to enjoy sunset, the local people here claim that, this space is also ideal when watching the sunrise, starting a new day with the busy work in the present life. Come here every morning you will feel the peace, tranquility, simplicity, all that has drawn a beautiful picture of the U Bein River. Please once travel to Myanmar to have a chance to watch the sunset on the U Bein River and feel the beauty of this place.

This is also a favorite place for young couples. They bring each other here to enjoy the peaceful feeling and enjoy the romantic sunset that nature offers. Probably because of this, the U Bien bridge is also called "Love Bridge" by local people.

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