Top 5 Cafes in Saigon Never Make You Feel Bored

If not travelling far, you can also use the day off to explore the brand new cafes below in Saigon without bored.

Terrace Cafe

To answer the question of which one is the most famous cafe in Saigon nowadays, many young people would agree that is Coffee Terrace – one of the most favourite addresses to check in inside the Takashiyama Saigon Centre which has been newly opened. The space is designed very impressively, hauntingly and mysteriously, like you are lost in a fairy world. The giant iron cages are designed like mezzanines connected by very artistic iron staircase.

The December Co

The cafe is not too wide with minimalist design but take advantage of natural light, so that customers feel very comfortable once coming here. The December Co owns an impressive and spacious view for shooting photos. The small flower pots, foreign newspapers put on a shelf or wall paintings seem to be small details but when combined together, they are so harmonious and beautiful. This is also the location of model Ha Vi, singer Quang Vinh often visit with friends.

Khanhcasa Tea House

Following the English aristocrat style, Khanhcasa is beautifully furnished with spectacular chandelier, courteous blue velvet plush upholstery which is no less luxurious furniture in the royal family. Everything in the cafe is designed exquisitely from the smallest detail. This is the ideal venue for those who want to enjoy tea in a beautiful and unique space.

Cong Coffee Mac Thi Buoi

Cong coffee is a well-known brand in Hanoi, after implementing the first one in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s also favoured by the youth in Saigon like  a new fresh air. Faithful to the Hanoi style in the old time, the newly opened Cong coffee on Mac Thi Buoi Street is designed familiarly with old-time space, peacocks fabrics upholstery, rose wall and old bookshelves. The cafe is officially opened from Sep 1st.

Runam Boutique

The cafe is located on the 1st floor with impressive design. Instead of using the wall, Runam is surrounded by an artistic steel frame with beautiful motifs, creating unique gorgeous photos. Like other Runam cafes in the same system, the d├ęcor here is very luxurious, sophisticated and picky.

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