Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

Mu waterfall is located on the Great Truong Son Range, at an elevation of over 1000m in Mu Hamlet, Tu Do Commune, Lac Son District - Hoa Binh Province. After traveling more than 130 km from Hanoi, after crossing a small and rough road, people will see that Mu water fall appears with wild beauty enchanting backpackers.

Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

Mu falls in Mu hamlet, Tu Do commune, Lac Son district, Hoa Binh province is located at an altitude of over 1,000m in the first stretch of the Truong Son mountain range. Referring to Mu waterfall, many people are still vague about this name, but when seeing the images of the waterfall, many people were excited by the wild beauty of Hoa Binh mountain. Mu Waterfall is like a girl in her twenties, pure, innocent and strong.

When being asked about the origin of the waterfall, the local people say that "Perhaps the waterfall appears during the formation of the Earth, more especially, the waterfall has only one water line flowing from the mountain. This mountain range is hundreds of kilometers long, it is even said to run through... Laos.”

The most suitable mean of transport to conquer Mu Falls is motorbike and it requires drivers to be skillful because the road to Mu waterfall is rather small and difficult to travel, the more closer we get to the waterfall, the more "terrible" the road is.

Discovering Mu Waterfall-the Strip of White Silk in the Land of Muong People

However, once you have conquered this path, your emotions will be bursting with the magnificent beauty that this place offers. Many visitors coming here have compared this place to the "fairy scene" appearing in the mythical movie with the cool blue waters rushing down the cliffs into each floor. Somewhere, there appear the mist blurred by the water vapor creating the scene of aquatic painting amidst the green forest.

The majestic, wild life of the Mu Waterfall gives visitors a very strong impression. From the top of the mountain, amidst the luxuriant stumps of trees, white streams as erupting from the sky are pouring down, covered by huge cliffs, creating the spectacular continuous cascades. Mu waterfall is divided into several small streams, the water pours down between the trees like the long, soft, graceful silk lines in the middle of the jungle.

Along the waterfall from upstream to upstream are dense forest canopies, the foot of the waterfall has many whirlpools that make you feel like in a massage jacuzzi.

The special feature of the Mu falls is that, the foot of the waterfall of more than 100 meters high, after years, have created a green pond like a large natural swimming pool. Do not hesitate any more, in the wild nature as the fairy land, you can jump down to the water, soak in the cool water, play with the white foam. All the dirt, heat, drowsiness, stress in daily life are completely washed away.

Mu Cave is behind Mu Waterfall. We can enter the cave only in the dry season, because the rainy season is very wet, and water flows fast. When entering the cave, people must carry a torch or light to illuminate the road. No one knows how long Mu cave is, since no one has ever reached the end of this cave. In return, in the cave, there is a large stone cave with beautiful stalactites of strange shapes. When the light of the torch lights in, the stone blocks suddenly become sparkling, fanciful as being inlaid with gold and silver. Mu Cave deserves a natural wonder that nature has bestowed upon this land.

Coming to Mu Waterfall, let’s take time to admire all the scenery here, learn the beauty of culture, catch fish in the stream with indigenous people, enjoy the dishes of Hoa Binh as fried bitter bamboo shoots , pork, rice cooked in bamboo tube and drink wine around the fire flickering to see how great and poetic the life is.

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