Thien Cam Son - Mysterious & Romantic

Perhaps at the end of a lifetime, we still cannot discover all the wonders in the beloved country of Vietnam. In the beginning of each year, so many people from the North and South of Vietnam flow to Ba Chua Xu Temple, but not everyone has a chance to discover the mysterious and romantic Thien Cam Son - "roof" of the Mekong Delta.

Natural beauty

The mountain range near the Vietnam-Cambodia border contains many myths, which were the inspiration for writer Nguyen Quang Sang to write the famous novel “The land of fire”. There is also the largest statue of Maitreya Buddha in Asia on the top of the mountain to bless the world. Thien Cam Son is called Cam Mountain, the highest mountain in the An Son Range in An Giang Province, standing in the middle of the plain as a giant general who defends the southwest frontier. Thien Cam Son merges with Mekong river at the confluence of the Hau River and Chau Doc River to create a romantic painting of river and mountain. From the top of the highest mountain of Bo Hong, at 716m, we look down at the Great Buddha Monastery area like a pan covered with magnificent mountains. This is a rich plateau in the middle of Cam mountain, suitable for growing tropical and temperate plants, all year round fresh green fruit color.

Around the name of Cam Mountain there are different legends. It is believed that the Nguyen Anh was pursued by the Tay Son troops, fleeing here and ordered to prohibit (Cam) any stranger to go up the mountain. However, far more anciently, Cam Mountain name had appeared, because not many people dare to come because of dangerous road, many beasts and stories of metaphysical characters dominate the mountain tops. In addition, the robbers after robbing stayed there and created weird information to prevent people from entering their lair.

Montain in the dialect of the south-western border is "non" or "vo". Previous researchers suggested that there were five mountains in the That Son mountain range, but in fact, there are more. In addition to 5 mountains: Dau, Bo Hong, Ba, Ong Buom, Thien Tue, there are also Ong Ta, Chu Than, Bach Tuong, Phao Binh, San Tien mountains.. creating a majestic range. Perhaps Cam mountain is also called Gam (Silk) Mountain.

The beauty of nature in Thien Cam Son makes it an ideal place for both ecological and spiritual tourism. On the East of the foot of Cam Mountain, there is Lam Vien Tourist Area with full of entertainment services, food, shopping, relaxation. From here, along the way up the mountain, visitors will meet the romantic stream of Thanh Long, where you can take a cool bath, climb up to Son Than Gate, take the entrance to the plaza of the Great Buddha Pagoda, with Thuy Liem cave and pond. The area also has some guesthouses, hotels to serve overnight visitors enjoy the fanciful romance space at night on Cam mountain. In the last days of a year, the air here from sunny turns to cool, not different from Da Lat or Tam Dao, attracting many tourists, especially the couple go to mountain to enjoy the spring.

Smile of Maitreya Buddha

The happy figure of the familiar Maitreya Buddha is closer and more holy when we "meet" Him in the huge figure sitting smiling happily on top of Thien Cam Son. All of the mountains that are dangerous suddenly become peaceful with his appearance. Particularly, through the soul and wisdom of the artist "Wanderer" Thuy Lam, images of Maitreya Buddha became more peaceful, gentle, compassionate and blessed. The Maitreya Buddha statue is 33.6 meters high, with a total weight of nearly 1,700 tons and a total of 1,700 tons, made between February 2004 and December 2005. The statue has a high aesthetics of architecture, harmony between forest space and the height of the statue. The harmony also reflected in every detail of the statue's art, from the smile of the Maitreya Buddha to the eyes, ears, hands, sitting posture, view ... In May 29, 2013, Asian Record Organization announced the Maitreya Buddha on the top of Cam Mountain as " the largest Maitreya Buddha statue on mountain in Asia."

Standing in any position on Thien Cam Son, we can also see the white statue of Maitreya Buddha, sitting majestically and serenely amidst green space, surrounded by mountains and forests, reflecting on the vast lake. Thuy Liem Lake covers an area of 60,000m², containing 300,000m³ of water, which was built in 2005, with a long red paint bridge crossing over, full of fish released by visitors. The huge Maitreya Buddha image with the Van Linh Pagoda and the large Buddhist Temple creates three architectural complexes reflecting on the lake. Such a unique picture.

Van Linh ancient pagoda, when newly built, called La (Leaf) pagoda, located at the foot of Bo Hong mountain, now is a magnificent construction, with Quan Am Cac tower with nine floors 35m high. The large Buddhist temple is the center of Cam mountain peak, which was built by the monks of Ben Tre in 1912. Bay Do was a patriotic hero, the whole family sacrificed in the war against France, He escaped to the refuge and built the temple, founded the Nam Cuc Duong denomination with thousands of followers. They practice martial arts day and night to fight against the enemy. However, in the end, he was arrested and imprisoned. The temple was destroyed by the enemy, then rebuilt by the disciples, until 2007 it was built and became a monumental Great Buddha Monastery.

In the spring, going to Thien Cam Son peak, we not only enjoy the romantic scenery of nature, fresh air, but also immersed in the mysterious legends. You can burn an incense to offer the Buddha and the ancestors, stand quietly in the sound of bell in the middle of the ancient monument, the soul will feel serene. It is more relaxed when we admire the smile of the Maitreya Buddha from the summit with blessings, love to everyone and every home.

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