Da Lat - The City of Dreamers

Da Lat makes people live more slowly, to slowly sip and feel the simple things in life.

Da Lat is most beautiful when it just wakes up after a long night. In the morning, this land is quite cold for those who live in hot land, and it is easy to see if you suddenly see a soft mattress with a warm blanket is extraordinary charming.

But come here, try to wake up once to see the moment the white mist comes to the door and gradually fades away, and sunlight glows on the leaves. The purity and the goodness of the heaven and the sky seems to light up the soul of the human.

You can find the peace of Da Lat from the cup of hot and fragrant coffee in the street corner. There are many beautiful cafes, and also many good cafes. Getting to Dalat without visiting Tung is wasted. It would be superficial to say Tung is a place to drink coffee. Tung has more than that.

This was the place where the famous musician Trinh Cong Son and the singer Khanh Ly first met, where also imprinted the footprints of many generations of artists from more than half a century ago, for example Tu Cong Phung, Bui Giang. This is where people can slowly sip the bitter taste of coffee at the tip of the tongue, mumbling to the melody: "Which dust escorting my body, for me to become dust one day....

To Tung, unconsciously people feel the brown of the old, the fragrance of nostalgia and the aftertaste of memory. Tung is not wide, so acquaintances or strangers also become closer.

You can find the romance of Dalat from the wild flowers along the road. Do not ask where the most beautiful place in Da Lat is, because no one dares to give a correct answer. This land is gentle and mellow, but still wild, making people want to explore. Arrive Da Lat, do not rush to go to the famous tourist attractions.

Sit down, lean back on an old pine tree to hear the whisper of the wind, inhale the scent of pine resin. Da Lat is not only romantic because of Paris-like architecture, or majestic with white waterfalls. In the eyes of the dreamers, Da Lat is beautiful from the wild flower branches of the road. Just open your heart, breath deeply and immersed yourself in the pace of life in Da Lat, you will never lost or lonely in the land of thousands of flowers.

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