Top 6 Things to Do in Phu Quoc

Travelling to Phu Quoc and enjoying the wonderful activities below surely will help you to bring back home a heart full of new experiences.

Mud bath at Galina Phu Quoc Mud Bath & Spa 

Located right on the white sandy shores of peaceful Duong To commune and only 10 minutes ride from Phu Quoc International Airport, Galina Phu Quoc is the first mud bath and spa resort in the "Pearl Island" . With 21 mud pools and 19 high-end spas, Galina will help your to have an exotic enjoyable holiday. You can drop yourself floating in smooth puree warm mud, enjoy the fresh sea breeze and watch the clear blue sea stretching to the horizon.

Especially, mud used in the resort is taken from mines in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa), processed through centrifugal technology to filter and select the best mud. It is then processed with ultraviolet light and heat to disinfect, so it very safe for health and skin.

In addition to soaking in mud, when coming here you also can participate in other exciting activities such as a dip in the Jacuzzi pool, body massage, foot massage by modern technology, aquatic therapy, outdoor swimming pool ...

Coral diving

Coral diving is a favourite activity of the tourists when visiting to Phu Quoc because this experience is not age restricted. Even those who cannot swim can do it by wearing lifejackets and let yourself floating simply above the water surface and enjoy the fish or coral.

Marine ecosystem in An Thoi archipelago in the South or Mong Tay islet, Doi Moi islet and Thay Boi islet in the North of Phu Quoc Island is the perfect place to explore the world under water. Especially, the coral reefs here are always in the top in Vietnam regarding the richness with 17 types of hard coral, soft coral and various types of sea anemones.

Night squid fishing

When night falls, the whole island of Phu Quoc became silent but far in the ocean, the lives of the fishermen are still bustling with lights shimmering like a busy city. It's time to experience the exciting moments of relaxation with the crew by night squid fishing. The price of a squid fishing trip is around 300,000 VND (12 USD) per person. You are picked up to go aboard in a large vessel at 5 PM to go to the place for squid fishing. The squid fishing vessel is normally equipped with lots of lights to attract the squid, creating a sparkling scenery among dark ocean surface.

There’s nothing more interesting than fishing the squid hunting under the sea by yourself, or catch some swordfish, blue bone fish emerging from the sea. Booty, which are fresh squids or various kinds of fish will be served on board.

Phu Quoc prison

Located in the An Thoi commune in the southernmost area of Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc prison was once the place to detain the southern revolutionary soldiers before freeing time. Coming to the place that dubbed as "hell on earth", you can witness the relics remaining here to see more clearly the patriotism of our compatriots, understand more about the history of the people of Vietnam. After the trip, you will love our country more than before. No entrance fee for visiting this monument.

Explore the island on a motorcycle

In addition to Long Beach, Star Beach, Khem Beach, most wonderful beaches of Phu Quoc is still untouched. Roads in Phu Quoc are not crowded, so you only need to rent a motorcycle and go looking for deserted sandy beaches. The best place to find your own paradise is along the northern beaches of the island.

Enjoy the sunset in Dinh Cau

Dinh Cau Cape is a must-go destination in Phu Quoc for every tourist to relax and enjoy. Natural rocks look like a strange shape mountain with waves around, surrounded by heaving rocks and peaks which are adorned with an ancient mossy temple. The most exotic is the beautiful sunset, bringing great emotion to the guests.

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