The Impressive Waterfall of Ta Ngao in Lam Dong

Ta Ngao Falls is located in Thanh Loc, Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province. Although being exploited and invested for tourism activities, this place still remains its unspoiled and natural beauty, urging the adventurous heart to come. It is about 20 km from Bao Loc, the way to get here is not too difficult. From the center of Bao Loc, towards Dalat direction, tourists can go to Dai Binh junction then turn right, follow the direction of the Loc Thanh market. Continue driving about 2 km more through the market, you'll see the turnoff. Just drive another 4 km to get to the valley.

If you want to go to the waterfalls, you have to walk about 1 km. The only the only way to pass all 7 floors of waterfalls is to wade across the stream flowing on the big rocks. In the days of the dry season, water flows very gently but it’s so rushing during rainy season. That is why you should choose to go in the dry season to have a perfect trip discovering Ta Ngao waterfalls.

Walking among the lush primitive forests, visitors can immerse themselves completely into the vast natural and feel the pure fresh air. The sound of waterfall, birds singing, the wind blowing mixes together to create impressive and unique jungle music. With 30 meters high along with the rugged vertical slope, the magnificent falls definitely look like a natural waterslide.

And when visiting Ta Ngao waterfall, you will admire the majestic beauty nestled among the marvellous jungle. Wonderful unspoilt landscape makes anyone stunned and amazed. The most interesting is the waterslide game. You will slide on the slippery black rocks and finally drop yourself falling into the lake below. With tremendous speed, you will enjoy the exciting feeling of sliding fast among wild mountainous scenery, the ride in the Ta Ngao falls is really a breathtaking, thrilling, new and interesting journey.

You will experience a refreshing feeling when falling down, immersing in clear and cool water of the lakes below. The water splashing makes you more excited. Leaving the lake, sitting on a rock and watching the surroundings, you will have more indescribable feelings.

If you want to go upwards the starting point, you can use a rope tied to a tree on top of that waterfall and then climb the falls. Check-in waterfall Ta Ngao, you will enjoy many wonderful things. This is not just journey to discover the nature but also a trip to challenge yourself and train a “steel” mental strength.

You can bring food to enjoy a barbecue in the mountains.
Poetic beauty of scenery combined with super adventurous experience will give you a lot of good memorable moments. However, travelers should note very carefully to the safety of themselves, be well equipped with protective equipment, pay careful attention when participating in the games, so the journey is filled with memorable pleasure only.

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