Escape to Fresh-Water Beach in Ninh Thuan

A pristine beach, a starry sky, a cool clear stream... all these beautiful things will be yours when camping in Nuoc Ngot Beach (Freshwater Beach).

Located in Tu Binh region, under the Nui Chua National Park, Freshwater Beach is considered paradise nestled in Ninh Thuan with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Location of Fresh Water beach is gorgeous with three sides surrounded by mountains, besides there is a stream gurgling and never dry all year round.

In addition to the above, the Freshwater Beach has no food services or accommodation, this place is also uninhabited, so if you go camping there, everything will be absolutely deserted.

In Freshwater Beach, the first thing you have to do is swim. Leave belongings on the sand, and then you can immerse yourself in the mild waves and gentle sun. The beach has a long sandy shore, no reef so although you cannot swim, you still can enjoy clear blue sea. The beach is far from residential areas, water springs originate from the Nui Chua National Park so it is completely clean and safe. 

You should bring swimming goggles to look underwater. The water is so clear and clean that you can see everything underwater remotely. It is home of many species of fish, snails, crabs and coral sea. You will admire the exotic scenery of a miniature ocean with many interesting things.

However, the evening is the best time of Freshwater beach. In the light of the sea campfire, wind and waves, enjoying barbecue seafood and music from a mini speaker is one of the most wonderful experience. And yet, just look up you can see a sparkling starry sky. Around the cliff, flashing spots of hundreds of fireflies make the scene like fairyland. All these things will make you have a very memorable night at Freshwater beach.

Take a nap in the morning, if you want to see the sunrise on the beach, you have to spend a little effort to climb the rock. Very shortly, when the sun comes out at sea and the first rays of light flashed, you can record wonderful moments with your camera and share them with your friends. Surely everyone will be jealous of you.

There are many ways to reach this beautiful beach. The quickest way is to fly to Cam Ranh International Airport and then move 40km further to the direction of Binh Tien. The second way is more economical: take a motorbike or bus ride to Phan Rang. From Phan Rang you go about 50km on DT702 coastal road to the Freshwater beach. 

For those who are not interested in moving much can book tours to the island of Binh Hung. Usually in the schedule to explore the island Binh Hung, canoes will take you to this beach. However, this way is not suitable for those who like camping and exploring nature on their own because time is tight.

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