Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures

Vietnam is filled with beautiful and exotic rural countryside, especially in the North of the country. The scenery ranges from jagged peaks seen from winding mountain passes down to verdant paddy fields painted every shade of green in the palette, while the nation's long history and an amazing number of ethnic minorities mean that culture-vultures will find plenty to admire. Let's travel to Vietnam to discover more on of the hidden gems of the South-East Asia!
Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Ma PiLeng Pass in Ha Giang

Brief history of the region

The Far North of Vietnam is famous for its superb scenery with opportunities for trekking out to isolated hamlets such as SaPa, Son La, Moc Chau and Mai Chau.

Back to the 1950s, the region was the first to be liberated from French rule. Though much of the infrastructural and political damage from the war has been repaired, unmarked minefields along 1000km of frontier pose a more intractable problem: most areas – including all which regularly receive tourists – have been cleared and declared safe, but in the more remote areas it’s sensible to stick to well-worn paths.

The "heart-breaking" beauty of the Far North of Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
The beauty of the Far North Vietnam
The region boasts a transcendent beauty of landscape and colorful minority hill tribes. Dazzling sceneries of rice terrace fields, splendid mountains, and beautiful hill tribes will not only strike your sights but also deeply touch your heart.

Basic information about the Far North region when you travel to Vietnam

The Far North of Vietnam consists of six provinces next to the China border: Cao Bằng, Lạng Sơn, Bắc Kạn, Thái Nguyên, Tuyên Quang and Hà Giang. Some roads leading to this area are small and rough.

The best time to travel to this region is autumn and spring. In fall, you can enjoy the spectacular beauty of golden rice fields and spring is the flowering blossom, which lets you enjoy this land at its very best.

#1. Cao Bang

Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Ban Gioc Waterfall
Cao Bang province with its capital of the same name borders China on the east of northern Vietnam. There are approximately 550,000 inhabitants in this province. It is mainly mountainous with spectacular scenery and good trails for trekking and exploring the ethnic minorities in the surrounding villages.

Some important must-see places to explore in Cao Bang

Pac Bo village (at the Bang Giang and Hien rivers) is where Ho Chi Minh established a revolutionary force in January 1941.

Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest one in Vietnam and the fourth biggest one in the world. In the sunlight, you can watch the seven color waterfall. The color of the water depends on the weather in this area. 

#2. Lang Son

Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Phai Ve Mountain in  Lang Son
The history of the province is associated with the Bronze Age when a trade route passed this city that connected China (Guangzhou) with India.

Some important must-see places in Lang Son

Dong Dang Town is known as The Gateway of Friendship (Youyi Guan). Vietnamese and Chinese residents pass through the gate so they can sell food and items in another country.

Mau Son Mountain is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. There are many stone houses from the time of French colonization in Vietnam.

#3. Bac Kan

Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Provine
The most famous place to visit is Ba Be Lake. It was established as a national preserved forest and tourist center in 1978, before being established as Vietnam's eighth national park in 1992. It was recently recognized by UNESCO as the third Ramsar site in Vietnam - an important wetland of the world. 

#4. Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen has revolutionary tradition, historical vestiges including Van, Vo mountains, Dinh Hoa ATK vestige, and Doom Temple.
Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Tea Hills in Thai Nguyen Province
Nui Coc Reservoir is the most visited attraction in the province. This 2,500ha lake includes 89 islands, concealing mysterious legends. 

#5. Tuyen Quang

Tuyen Quang owns 300 historical cultural vestiges. The famous one is Tan Trao Historical Site. It was used as a resistance base before the August 1945 Revolution.
Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Gam River in the Winter - Tuyen Quang 
It is known for the Na Hang Primitive Forest, where is the home of valuable fauna and flora such as dinh, mun (ebony trees), sen (bassia), ape, panther, flying weasel, antelope, and upturned-nosed monkey. 

#6. Ha Giang

Travel to Vietnam if you are looking for rural adventures
Rice fields in Ha Giang
This is the most beautiful Northern Province when you travel to Vietnam. Ha Giang is the place where almost 90% of the population are ethnic minorities with their own cultures and lifestyles.

You must enjoy a lot of fantastic mountain scenery over the whole area. There is the world famous geopark named Dong Van Karst Global Geopark. It was designated by UNESCO as one of 77 sites with the important geological and cultural heritage. This geopark is littered with the ethereal karst formations that are nearly 400 million years old and has two protected areas.

Your travel to Vietnam is not complete without a visit to the Far North of the country. You will be impressed by its authentic, unique beauty which has made Vietnam become the diverse and welcoming gem of the Southeast Asia.

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