Cu Lan Village - A Picturesque Village in Dalat

Coming to Cu Lan village, tourists will be given a chance to immerse in the deep blue of the wild jungle, and visit an only kind of shy and timid animal, namely Cu Lan in this area.

The village is located at the foot of the Lang Biang mountain (Dalat), about 20km from Xuan Huong lake and Cu Hill. The village covers an area of 30ha, which is the home of K’ho ethnic minority living here. 

This small beautiful village is named after a local plant species – Cu Lan tree that flourishes alternately in the mountain. Also the name of the village derives from the name of an animal living here, namely Cu Lan – a kind of rare animal listed in the Red Book. 

If you just have a glimpse of the village, you will often feel frustrated because there is nothing interesting to discover. However, if you go further deep into the village, you will be overwhelmed by its simplicity and serenity, the village appears with lush colors that nature has created for this area.

To get into the Cu Lan village, you have to pass through two suspension bridges and cross over small poetic stream with the picturesque scenery surrounding. Everyone also likes this place and wants to stop off to check-in. if you want to experience a bit adventurous feeling, you can hire a Jeep to cross over the stream with the price of 100.000VND (4.44 USD)/people.

To overnight in Cu Lan village, tourists can stay at the colorful wooden houses amidst lush forests or have a camping at the large yard of the village.

Here, tourists mainly take part in outdoor activities, immerse in the beautiful nature or attend in teambuilding activity such as kite flying, jungle fowl hunting, climbing, rowing, fishing…

Cu Lan village has only a restaurant with the special dishes of the mountain area such as com lam (2.22 USD/ a tube of rice), kebab (5.32- 6.65 USD), grilled chicken (15.53 USD), vegetable warehouse (4.44 USD).

Beyond the quiet space with romantic landscapes of mountains, forests, Cu Lan village also attracts tourists by small paths covered with colorful flowers in spring and autumn.

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