Eo Gio – A Masterpiece of Nature in Vietnam

If you have chance to go to Binh Dinh one time, especially when being led by the locals, you will be amazed by its natural beauty – an unspoiled beauty.

If you ask which place is the most beautiful in Binh Dinh, the locals will not be hesitating to answer that it is Eo Gio and Ky Co Beach.

Eo Gio belongs to the channel of Nhon Ly commune, Quy Nhon city, surrounded by mountain ranges with extremely spectacular. Because of its unique topography - hollow as saddles, located between two high mountains, people call it “Eo Gio”.

Eo Gio is idyllic and spectacular as others beaches in the Central area of Vietnam. It is like a miracle located amongst mountain ranges that you need to explore to reach there. Upon arrival, you will be fascinated by the blue water, mountain cliffs with strange shapes and by the peaceful feelings while lying on stones and listening the sound of sea.

Beside the cliff, there is plenty of interesting caves such as Ky Co Cave, Ba Nghe Cave which attract a lot of birds to live and nest. Around the channel, sometimes you will see herds of goats grazing, or a couple taking their wedding photos.

Because it is a fishing visit, but not a tourist attraction so the atmosphere is very calm and the locals are very hospitable. You should try to visit this place once this summer to feel how beautiful Vietnam is and explore masterpieces of nature by your own way.

In Ky Co, you will get rustic experiences, immerse in the pace of life of the locals, enjoy fresh seafood and admire the pristine beauty of the beach. This is experiences that any young people should have once in their life.

From Eo Gio, it takes you around 30 – 40 minutes to get Ky Co beach by boat or canoe. In Ky Co beach, you will be shock by the pristine and crystal-clear beauty of this place. The sea water is emerald with taciturn rocks flocking together to create various small “pools”.

You should visit Eo Gio from April to September when there is no storms and little wind in the heart of the beach.

To get to Eo Gio, you need to go through Thi Nai Bridge. As arrival in Nhon Hoi crossroad, turn towards the right side on the paved way around 5 kilometers to reach the center of Nhon Ly commune. Send your vehicle at the house of the local and walk around 100 meters.

Near the beach is a fishing village. You could pay a visit, interact with the locals, enjoy seafood, take a bath in the fresh water, or visit a pagoda with the Buddha image overlooking the sea.

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