Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days

Visitors in Northern area do not need to go too far to relax, just coming to the waters of Quynh in Nghe An, you can enjoy the wild and peaceful beauty of a stretching sea area with 7 beaches located adjacent to each other. Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days.

Quynh Sea is not the name of a beach, in fact, it is a general term which indicates the 7 contiguous beaches in 7 communes of Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province. The beaches are named Quynh Phuong, Quynh Lien, Quynh Bang, Quynh Luong, Quynh Minh, Quynh Nghia and Tien Thuy which are about 230 km from Hanoi. Going along Highway 1A, you have to spend only 5-6 hours to reach immense Quynh sea.
Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days

If you want to go to a deserted sea, you can visit Quynh Phuong beach because this place is still untouched, you can camp here to have fun and dance. Also, Quynh Phuong sea is famous for delicious, fresh and affordable food. And if you are a superstitious person, you can come here to pilgrimage in Con temple which is one of the four most sacred temples in Nghe An. The most appropriate time to visit Quynh Phuong is from May to August.
Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days

The suggested schedule for a two day trip to Quynh Huong beach in Nghe An is as follows:

Day 1

- 8 am: you depart from Hanoi, go along highway Phap Van - Cau Gie, turn to Ninh Binh to go to Thanh Hoa (for cars).

- Around 11 am, you are to be present in Thanh Hoa city to have lunch and have a rest.

- 12am: you continue going through Thanh Hoa to get to the town of Hoang Mai. This town is very easy to be found and it is located near the quarry of Hoang Mai on the side of the road. In Hoang Mai town, you ask local people for the way to Quynh Phuong beach or Con temple. Turning left to the inter-commune road of 6 km long, you will encounter Quynh Phuong sea.

- Around 2pm: You find the hotel and carry out check in procedure. Currently, Bien Sang hotel offers the rental of 350,000 to 500,000 VND for a large room for 3nguoi / night or you can rent affordable guesthouses near the coast.

- In the afternoon, you'll love the sea of Quynh Phuong in the first sight, the blue sea is reflected by color of clouds, the sea waves in the windless day is gentle. You will also see the small boats running around the beach to catch acetes (a creature like a sea small shrimps which is called “moi” by Nghe An people).
Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days

- On the coast, there are many relatively inexpensive seafood restaurant such as Lam Thinh restaurant... Another available option to eat delicious seafood is that you should go to Quynh Nghia beach nearby. There are two well-known restaurants here that are Hai Hien and Quyet Ngoc restaurants.

Day 2:

- 5 am: you up early to see the sunrise, swim or visit Quynh Phuong fish market and fishing village. Unlike other seas where are exploited for tourism, Quynh Phuong sea retains the pristine beauty which easily captivates people.
Discovering the Wild Quynh Beach in 2 Days

- The food for breakfast such as sticky rice, burgers here are cheap when you buy from local residents, or you can eat egg noodles on the beach. You can also buy fresh seafood from fishermen and ask the staff in the hotel to process into delicious dishes.

- 10am: You can go on a pilgrimage in Con temple nearby. The temple is located adjacent to Lach Con sea door, in a charming scenery. This architecture consists of main temple (inner temple) and sub- temple (in the seaport). The temple is one of the four most sacred temples of Nghe An. Con temple has ancient architecture. Behind the temple, there are two high hillock spreading to two sides like the phoenix wings. On the two hills, there are two wells, according to legend, they are the phoenix eyes. Mai Giang river is on the right, Voi (Elephant) and Xuoc Mountains are in the front, and the Outer Temple behind facing the sea welcomes, protects and blesses the fishing boats with more shrimp, blesses the local fishermen’s safety.

- Around 11:30am: you carry out the check out procedure, have lunch and get on the car back to Hanoi.
- Around 18:30am: you will be in Hanoi, finish a trip full of fun and experiences.

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