Climb Mua Mountain to Admire the Fascinating Green Rice Fields

Travelers oftenwait for the harvest season in June to admire the vast yellow rice fields beside Ngo Dong. However, therice fields in May have a special beauty,with an endless green color of paddy.

People travel to Ninh Binh Province usually come to Trang An, Bai Dinh and Tam Coc – Bich Dong, but the only thing enchants us is the impressive natural scenery with a tranquil atmosphere.

Floating a boat in Tam Coc is a stunning experience, but standing atop of the mountain and observing the amazing scene of majestic nature and tiny people will be a lifetime experience when taking an adventure in Ninh Binh.

According a friend’s introduction, we reached Mua Cave, a complex of karst caves and mountain in Tam Coc - Bich Dong located in Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu.

People said that Mua Cave is the place where Tran kings often came and watched the dances of the concubines, thus the cave was named Mua.

When the golden sunshine in the afternoon pours down the Mua Mountain, you will feel like being lost in the world of fairy. A road bends around the mountains leads to the top where the towers standing as a symbol of the mountain.

The atmosphere on the mountain is very quiet and fresh because not many tourists come here. Occasionally, there are some people who come and go in silence, as feared just a little noise will break the poetic setting.

Conquering more than 400 stone stairs to reach the peak of Mua Mount will be an interesting challenge. However, travelers will be worthily rewarded by an incredible panorama of vast green field spreading in the majestic mountains and the mighty Ngo Dong River.

So far are the villages and the cities with a vivid life. Climbing up the mountain, most towers gradually in views, only the tower on the highest point remains challenging. Inspired by the beautiful landscape of Tam Coc, you will be full of motivation to finish the last steps. You will absolutely be overwhelmed by the view from the top of Mua Mount.

The statue of Guanyin on top, the Ngo Dong River bending around the limestone mountain embracing green fields, and thesmall boats floating on the waterways painting a heaven scenery that mesmerize all visitors.

From a high, the boats look like tiny dark spots, dotted on the background of the woven picture of mountains, green rice fields, and the winding stream.

Amongthe silent space, you can hear voice of the ferrymen singing on the river followed the winds spreads in to the atmosphere.

Faltered for a moment, we trek down the mountain to visit other interesting places. Mua Mountain has a beautiful cave as a resting place for travelers. There is also a small path at the gate of the cave with the name Pearl Stream.

Pearl Stream in essence is an underground river crossing the cave that we could only stand on itsuneven bank. The other side of the cave is rice paddies and a small dirt road under the foot of the mountain with a signpost "Tam Coc sightseeing path".

On rainy days, the road covered in mud. Finally, we can seethe river from a post behind a rice plot. Only over a month from then, the entire field will be covered with a yellow color, offering a dreaming scene of majestic nature in the golden fields.

The landscape is so beautiful that make travelers do not want to leave.

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