5 Must-Go Cafes When Traveling in Saigon (Part 1)

Sipping a cup of favored coffee and watching the busy streets will be pleasant experiences when traveling in the downtown of Saigon.

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The Saigon People

Located on the one-way street of Thai Van Lung (District 1), The Saigon People cafe is well known as a familiar house to welcome visitors who are looking for a peaceful place in the bustling city.The café is characterized by an impressive space of the old Saigon with blast walls, wooden doors, black and white televisions and the bicycle hung on the wall. Travelers come to the Saigon People can fresh up the mind and escape from the chaos of daily life in a quiet space with a variety of drinks. The average prices for dishes and drinks here just range from 2 – 4 USD.

Kujuz Coffee

Featuring a translucent glass walls and colorful design, Kujuz is a perfect space for relaxing with many sitting corners, quiet and soothing atmosphere. It is suitable for appointments with friends in the cool afternoons. Or if traveling alone, visitors can choose an indoor seat to just sip a glass of coffee and watch the colorful window boxes and the dense canopies outside. In particular, you will hand serving yourself because the bar does not has a certain staff. The Kujuzis located on Tran Quy Khoach Street (District 1) where travelers can enjoy fabulous drinks with an average price of only 2 USD.

Fix Republic

If you are a photography traveler and would like to meet people with the same interests, the Fix Republic is an interesting place you should not ignore. Located inside the dormitory on the road of Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Fix Republic Café would not separate from the modern life of Saigon but it features a quiet and artistic space.  The menu of beverage is also eye-catching design, not the common pretty small menus, but the huge tables hold by the staff. Drinks are also quite diverse with plentiful types, such as coffee, tea, soda, juice...  with an average price of just 1USD.

Ut Lanh

Get an idea of Saigon in the 80-90s, Ut Lanh entirely decorated by popular items that will make you think of an ancient house in the past. A bit familiar, somewhere memorize about the childhood will make visitors filled with interesting thoughts. It is said that all items in the shop has been “hunted” and collected around the city by the owners. The menu in the coffee is not only diverse, but also all kinds of juice and cakes, remind the child life of Vietnamese people such as children's bread, tube cakes, pickled sauces, snacks, small bags of dried beef… Another thing attracts visitors to Ut Lanh is that all the drinks are prepared in accordance by the owners including lemon juice with salt, pickled sauces, pineapple cucumber with milk, coffee...

Vot Coffee 

In Saigon, There are many famous cafés including the Cheo Leo at the Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment or the shop in the alley of 330 on Phan Dinh Phung Street of Ba family. Each shop is run by the older people, so travelers can learn more interesting stories and memories of the city in these places. The unique name Vot Coffee is called after the coffee appliances. Instead of using the filter or powder to make a drink as usual, these bars use a racket with a fabric to filter the coffee. This mixing process also follows many strange stages, requiring the bartender to be very meticulous and knowledgeable to procedure a cup of coffee with the right flavor.

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