5 Must-Go Cafes When Traveling in Saigon (Part 2)

Oromia Coffee

Orimia styled as a Western coffee shop with exquisite architectural features, elegant but not too fussy colors. The café also attracts visitors by the romantic songs that whether sitting inside or outside, guests will hear the melodious tunes. At night, when the yellow lights are lit, the space will be transformed into a different world. Besides, the bar also provides a feeling of closeness to the nature when every corner is covered by the green of the trees. Even the first step into the Oromia, guests will see a fish pond and a stone path, leaving a feeling like being lost in unspoiled natural place. The café serve from traditional dishes to the sodas suit the youthful style, catch up with the trend. The average prices in the shop ranged from 2 to 7 USD.

Thuc Coffee

Thuc Coffee is an extremely popular address to any young people in Saigon. Considered the never sleep city, Saigon is bustling not only in the day time but only at night. It is not difficult to find a leisure place in the city even at the midnight. And Thuc Café is such a place. The bar has a modern and not too picky space which suitable for chatting or working through the night. This will be a worth-to-try experience where travel to Ho Chi Minh City.

3A Station Coffee

Similar to Zone 9 in Hanoi, 3A Station (No. 3A Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1) is a combination of entertaining area and contemporary art which has come into operation in the heart of Saigon in recent years. In addition to an exhibition space and a separate clothing area, there are many interesting stops to enjoy the delicious cakes at the Pacey Cupcakes or sip a cup of tea at Plan trip Cha.

Kokois coffee

With the beautiful and luxurious space, Kokois is considered one of the best artistic installations in Saigon. The space of the café is designed in a mezzanine bar in the style of a real store house with both the indoor and outdoor spaces. Decoration is a mark point with the industrial steel tables and transport container. Set foot inside, guests will feel like being lost in a totally separate world from nature and surrounding trees, creating a warm and airy atmosphere.

10 Sitting cafe Notre Dame

If would like to enjoy coffee at an open space, visitors can go to the Park April 30 (District 1), a place famous for the coffee. After finding a suitable seat, travelers can order a cup of coffee and watch the busy street. Sitting next to the church, visitors will hear all kinds of cheerful sounds of life, from the noise of the crowd,the people talking, the birds singing, to the voices of the peddlers. Sometimes guests will meet the street artists playing guitar and singing somewhere around.

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