Truong Tien bridge – A Romantic Image to See of Hue Travel

Despite more than 100 years on, the graceful Truong Tien bridge reflected on the Perfume River, which has been witnessing all the ups and downs of Hue with countless ‘scar’ of time remains a symbol of this ancient romantic former capital.

In 1897, Truong Tien bridge was allocated to Eiffel Company of France (well-known for building the Eiffel Tower in Paris), completed in 1899. Until now, the bridge has connected the two banks of the Perfume River the 114-year-old long and older than Long Bien bridge in Hanoi (1899-1902).

It used to be called under many different names: Thanh Thai bridge (named after a Nguyen king), Clemenceau Bridge (name of a prime minister of France during the World War I), Nguyen Hoang Bridge (the Lords discovered  Thuan Hoa land in the mid 16th century to early 17th century) and Truong Tien Bridge due to its location nearby the money factory of Nguyen dynasty (Tien means money).

During over 100 years, charming Truong Tien bridge in this romantic land has undergone many ups and downs along with the ancient capital.

In 1904, a severe storm dumped buckets steel bridge, several sections was knocked down to the river. In 1906, the bridge was repaired and the surface was made of concrete. In 1937, during the reign of King Bao Dai, bridge corridor was extended for bicycles and pedestrians, bridge balconies were widen for sightseeing or avoid the traffic. In 1946, the left bank of the bridge collapsed due to mine in the war. In 1953, it was reconstructed and completely remained the former design. In 1968, Truong Tien bridge collapsed once again. Until 1991, the new Truong Tien bridge was rebuilt again during 1991-1995. In 2002, the bridge was installed modern lighting system.

The bridge’s location and fate during over 100 years has made Truong Tien bridge an important part of the city’s history. Although there are many other bridges on the river: White Tiger Bridge, Phu Xuan Bridge, Bai Dau Bridge… Truong Tien is still the most iconic bridge of Hue.

Tourists who travel to Hue nowadays always want to go through the Truong Tien bridge to see graceful arched bridges reflected on the river, the purple graceful ao dai, the boats under the bridge, the red phoenix flower canopy above…

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