Rach Vem Fishing Village - Peaceful Place on Phu Quoc Island

Located in Kien Giang Province, Phu Quoc is a wonderful island which is called the “Pearl Island”.

Travel to Phu Quoc, tourists have chance to enjoy the blue sea of Bai Sao and Dai beach, admire the paradise landscape, and visit interesting fishing villages. Beside Ham Ninh and Ganh Dau, Rach Vem fishing village is recently considered a brand new destination in Phu Quoc thanks to its extremely peaceful atmosphere.

Rach Vem situated in the North of the “Pearl Island”, with only 170 households that most of them are fishermen. From Dong Duong Town, tourists can easily reach the village by motorbike or car.

Travelling to Phu Quoc, almost everyone would think of a paradise island with endless coastline and enchanting white sand beaches. However,if travellers are looking for a more peaceful place to discover neglected roads, listen to whispering waves, and enjoy slight sunshine under the green coconut trees, Rach Vem is an ideal option.

The rustic and silent lifestyle in this fishing village gives visitors a strange tranquil when being there. The panorama is like a harmony picture of nature, with the blue color of the ocean and the sky, the green of lush trees, the bright yellow of sunlight, and many other colors of local people. It's easy to make acquaintance with islanders because they are very friendly and hospitable. Travellers can hire a basket boat to row on the sea and admire this picturesque landscape from a distance.

You also can visit a floating house to learn about the daily life of people in Rach Vem. The hospitable fishermen will prepare delicious meals right on their houses. Tourists can also buy fresh seafood from the market or self-prepare their meals. Enjoy swimming in the blue water here will be a stunning experience when visiting Rach Vem fishing village.

Tourist should stroll around the hamlet and cross a small but beautiful wooden bridge.

Standing on the bridge, tourists can see the starfish through the clear water. The Rach Vem is truly an ideal place for relaxing and enjoying the peace on Phu Quoc Island.

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