10 Indispensable Experience when Travel to Phu Quoc

Pay a Visit to the Semi-Wild Park - Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

This garden is open in 2012 for tourists, brings a brand new experience to visitors in Phu Quoc and plays an important role in tourism development. Tourists can fell like being in wild world among hundreds of rare animals which taken from South Africa such as zebras, one- hump camel, antelope, lemurs… The park is located in the Bai Dai, Phu Quoc Vinpearl Resort with the price of entrance tickets from 400000 to 500000 per person (about 22$)

Relax on the Beach: 

While the New Year time in the North is the winter, then in Phu Quoc, visitors still enjoy the warm sunshine. Therefore, they cannot easily ignore the experience immersing in the cool water or simply relaxing on the peaceful sand dunes. Phu Quoc Island also has many beautiful beaches to enjoy such as Bai Sao, Ganh Dau, Bai Dai, Ong Lang, Bai Thom, Vung Bau...

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If visits would like to explore the beauty on the sea bed, they would be pleasure with the experience of snorkelingin Phu Quoc. There are many islands where guests can choose to try this interesting activity, some of which include Hon Thom, Hon Dau in An Thoi, or Hon Mong Tay, Hon Doi Moi in the North Island. Snorkeling tours combine fishing here is priced just from 250,000 VND per person (about 11$)

Visit Ham Ninh Fishing Village:

Ham Ninh fishing village is where you can learn about traditional villages in Phu Quoc like diving for pearls and sea cucumbers ... The village is situated in the east of the island, famous for its peaceful setting and friendly people. The seafood there,especially crabs, is both cheap and delicious.

Visit Phu Quoc Prison:

Located in An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc prison, called Coconut Prison by most natives, is one of the best places for tourists to learn the history of this island. It reappear the punishments which the French and American military used to inflict Vietnamese soldiers through simulated statues. A specialty is thet the Prison opens free for tourists.

Explore the National Forest

Whether choosing motorbikes or cars, discovering a distance of more than 20 km crossing the national park will give you a memorable experience. That is the vast green space with a plenty species of animals. If tourist can spend more time in Phu Quoc, they have chances to walk along the trails in the woods or book a 4 – hour tour to conquer and explore the God Mount.

Go to Dinh Cau Night Market:

Located in the center of Duong Dong Town, the Market is an interesting stop for any visitors at night. In DinhCau Market, tourists can find many shops which selling food, seafood and souvenirs. This Market usually opens from 5 pm, crowded around 7pm - 8pm, and purchases until midnight. When shopping some items in the market, visitors should bargain to get what they need at most reasonable rates.

Night-Squid Fishing:

It is a big mistake for those who spending Tet holiday in PhuQuoc without taking a night squid fishing trip, which just costs 300,000 VND per person. From 5 pm, tourists are warmly welcome to a large board and taken to where they will experience their squid fishing. The vessel is normally equipped many lights which shadows on the ocean surface and forms a shimmering back drop at night. An interesting aspect of this experience is that visitors have chances to enjoy their achievements after the works.

Enjoy Phu Quoc Seafood:

Phu Quoc seafood is not only fresh, but also prepared unique and delicious dishes by the natives. One of Phu Quoc specialties is herring salad, which is not fishy, but the feeling of cool with vegetables, carrots, grated coconut make the customers have real enjoyments. The price is just from 80,000 to 100,000. In addition, tourists also should not miss other seafood including crabs, snails, cuttlefishes, lobsters ... These dishes are served in most restaurants in the Dong Duong Town.

Buy Sim Wine as a Gift

Apart from fish sauce, pearl…, a bottle of Sime wine is also a meaningful gift from Phu Quoc in the Tet holiday. The wine is made from purple Sim fruits which are sweet and aromatic. After preparing and fermentation processes, the pink is acrid, sweet and a bit of sour, like red wine. This wine can also effectively treat some of aches. Depending on the amount and concentration, the Sim Wine price is from 100000 Dong a bottle (about 5$).

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