Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau

When the mist gradually, Pom Coong village appears with its inherent rustic beauty, the voice of young children calling each other to go to school, women carrying baskets on their shoulder to start the daily work ... Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau

At night, the village is in a boisterous brouhaha of the rattle of wearer’s shuttle, of drums, happy Khèn dance and clear singing begun from the lovely stilt houses.
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
The peacefulness of Pom Coong
All of these beauty make local people love their village more, everyone, every family is willing to contribute to make the village more prosperous. It is also why Pom Coong has been known as a cultural village, a tourist village, an attractive destination for tourists from everywhere.

Pom Coong means the village of the hills located on the large drum, that is, the fields, a name with symbolic meanings. Traditionally, people in Pom Coong build and live in the nice stilt houses. The houses are in close proximity to one another, and are only separated by a bed of vegetables or thin fence, sitting at the door, people can chat, have fun with each other.

Unlike the stilt houses of other peoples, the houses of Thai ethnic are often taller, built on a high and dry place; therefore, they always create the feeling of clean and airy. The gap between the floor and the ground is around 2m, and is propped up by reliable wooden pillars. The floor is made of bamboo while the roofs are covered by straw, thatch, rattan leaves or ungraded by bricks. The window in the house has good size for cool breezes and is where the host hang the pots of orchids, forest flowers, the bird cages.
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Traditional stilt houses in Pom Coong village
Under the floor, Thai girls forget themshelves in the loom, create the unique brocade products attracting tourists. Souvenir products are colorful brocade, bags, clothes old at the foot of the floor, this makes houses on stilts in Pom Coong more outstanding.

Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Thai ethnic girls forget themselves in work
As a small village but Pom Coong has 4 male and female volleyball teams, two dancing and singing teams who regularly practice to exchange and t perform serving tourists. Visitors who once come to Pom Coong can hardly forget the fun music from Sạp dance( bamboo pole dance), xòe dance of the boys, girls of Thai ethnic which have enchanted many people. Particularly, people here are hospitable, they never force or invite visitors to buy souvenir with insistent. This is also the charm of Pom Coong.

The attraction of tourism Pom Coong is the very clean "pure Thai"space. Clean water, water, sanitation works are regulated to give visitors the feeling of fresh and safe. Water used is mainly tap water. Waste is classified, out in containers and will be processed. Village roads, alleys are always clean, there is never the matter of littering ..
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Pom Coong fields
Visitors coming the Pom Coong are mostly foreigners, students who are passionate about learning about the culture of the ethnic minorities. They come here for a better understanding of life, of ethnic Thai people, they are immersed in the life of the Thai people and really enjoy xòe dances, gong festivals, sleeping in stilt houses, drinking wine, walking to see the mountains, and the local the people...
Exploring the Charm of Pom Coong Village, Mai Chau
Pom Coong Foods
Pom Coong tourism is becoming more and more attractive and familiar with tourists. In tune with the magical xòe dance and captivated wine, visitors are ecstatic with dancing, singing, and sitting by the flickering fire in the cold weather, enjoying the specialties of Mai Chau heaven and earth, as barbecue, rice, vegetables, seven color sticky rice, banana flower salad. Those are the moments that visitors can not forget about Coong Pom, forget the Thai in Mai Chau.

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