Nam Du Archipelago - the Raw Pearl of Phu Quoc

Situated in the southeast of Phu Quoc “Pearl Island", Nam Du Island owns a pristine and lyrical beauty like a "raw pearl” nestling in the blue sea.

Nam Du is like a raw pearl nestling in the sea

Nam Du is the most remote archipelago of Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), more than 80 sea km from Rach Gia, and is still wild. 21 big and small islands form a beautiful population in the sea. Nam Du archipelago is belonged to 2 island communes named An Son and Nam Du. The unspoiled and romantic scenery of the islands in the archipelago of Nam Du will bring you unforgettable experiences.

Located in the southeast of Phu Quoc "Pearl Island", Nam Du owns a pristine and lyrical beauty like a raw pearl nestling in the blue sea. Coming to Nam Du, the first thing that people think about is to immerse in sea water. They find the attraction of blue sea mingling with the sky color as prolonging endlessly irresistible. The most beautiful and famous beaches here is the beaches on the Hon Lon (Big Island) as Men beach, Dat Do beach with lines of bent coconut trees being silhouetted against the white sand and do crystal water that we can see the bottom.

The peaceful and beautiful scenery in Hon Lon

In Nam Du, Cu Tron island is the widest island with the total area of 9 square km, and the smallest island is Hon Lo (only 200 square m), people live mainly on Cu Tron, Hon Mau and Hon Bo Dao. Each name of the islands, beaches, slopes here has its own anecdotes. Standing on the peak of Hon Lon with more than 300m high, tourists can see the small islands like Hon Mau piercing through Do Nai, Do Nai turning to Bo Dap; Hon Lo, Hon Ngang, Hon Dung, Hon Dau, Bo Ao, Hon Ong, Hon Dam, Hon Tre, Hon Moc, Hon Nhan, Hon Han, Hon Nom, Hon Kho, Chet beach…

After swimming, playing and relaxing under the water, visitors can rent a motorbike riding along the road around the island, which will bring a wonderful feeling: one side is the steep cliffs, the other side is the sea and blue sky, far away is the small islands with the boats bobbing on the water.

Tasting Nam Du cuisine will surely be on of the things that are difficult to ignore when coming here. Fresh seafood caught so freshly that they still have taste of the sea, grilled fish, cuttlefish and rice gruel... will be unforgettable and irresistible dishes of this land .

In the infinite, peaceful space, you'll remember forever the moments when welcoming the dawn of a new day or a dreamy sunset gradually falling down the horizon in this paradise island.

The sky and the sea in Nam Du seems to mingle in each other

The best time to explore Nam Du Archipelago is from late December to May when the sea is calm, the water is deep blue and looks like a sapphire. From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can travel by the high quality passenger car to Rach Gia bus station, then travel from there to the island by boat (about 2 hours). Tourists who are interested in package tour. Travel by motorbikes can leave their vehicles at the port of Rach Gia.

The movement or commuting between the islands is mostly by train. To save money, travelers should go in groups of 8 to 12 people. In addition to this, to explore the unspoiled islands, sleeping tents are the best choice, therefore, the more people go, the more money you can save.

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