24h Exploring the South of Phu Quoc Island (Part 2)

Phu Quoc beach paradise has long been known as a pristine island with clean water stretching beach and calm sea suitable for tourism. The lines of green trees embellish the charming beauty of Phu Quoc which looks like an ink painting with the harmony of the sea and the woods. Especially, this is the area having the rustic and peaceful fishing villages, some even have existed for hundreds of years. In your 1 day trip to Phu Quoc, you should take time to visit them.

In the afternoon: visiting the pristine fishing village in Bai Khem (Khem beach)

From the location of Sao Beach, you can travel to Khem Beach, just about 3 km away on the same route. It should be mentioned that in the entrance to Khem beach, there is an old military guard gate which is painted yellow. Because of the narrow terrain, cars can not commune here, so you can only ride the motorbike to come here. Previously, Khem beach was located on the area managed by the military because the terrain was discreet and quiet suitable for rehearsal. Likewise, Bai Khem retains many primitive features, and has no impacts on the tourist infrastructure.

The pristine beauty of Khem beach
Khem beach appears with the image of an idyllic fishing village, with no slopes, with the island is small in the distance looming in the sea, and with very poetic, lyrical white sand color. Khem Beach is also known as Kem (Ice Cream) beach because the white color of the sand looks like the cream. The restaurants are run by local people with the simple hammocks, tables and chairs which are not decent and clean, but in return, tourists coming here will have chance to enjoy the fresh seafood caught by fishermen and satisfy both the gourmets and those who like to experience the rustic things.

A part of the fishing village with the simple restaurants along the coast
Herring is a famous specialty here. The fish is delicious, and can be cooked to many dishes according to the taste of each person as: grilled, fried, braised with chili and lemongrass... But perhaps the dish that is the most special and everyone like the best is herring salad which costs VND 80,000/ dish. You just Squeeze a little lemon juice, mix with scraped coconut, sprinkle the slices of fresh herring with roasted peanuts, eat the salad with raw vegetables, rice paper, sauce. The spices blend to create aromatic, delicious taste, you will not feel the fishy taste of fish but the freshness, and taste of the sea.

Herring salad is a specialty in Khem beach
For a long time, people on the island have had a strong attachment to water. The normal scene seen in Kem beach the daily life of the fishermen. From dawn to dusk, the motor boats, ships boats push off to the sea to catch fish, shrimp, crab... following one another. You can buy the sea urchins, mantis shrimp from the fishing nets and chat with the fishermen. The calloused tanned faces show worries but the fishermen are incredibly friendly and hospitable that will make you remember forever about this simple land.

The hard working fishermen in Khem beach
All services on Khem beach are considered to be very affordable. Khem Beach also provides the fishing, kayaking services which are very cheap. With fishing in Gieng Tien (Fairy Well) and diving to see the coral for VND 400,000 for 4 people services, you will be provided with tools for fishing and charcoal to grill food. You should buy more drinks, shrimp, crab to improve meals on board. With rowing kayak game, the rental cost of kayak for 2 people in 30 minutes is 40,000 VND, and 30,000 VND for 1 person in 30 minutes.

Diving and seeing the coral reefs
Phu Quoc is beautiful in every season making it suitable to welcome guests all year round. Make a time to look and feel!

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